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  1. Let’s goooooooo!!!! It’s on son!
  2. I can’t play chess but I’ll whoop anybody’s ass in Connect 4! What’s funny is I’ve been playing this with my gf for a while now and I just saw Travis posted himself playing it with that Kardashian chick. I guess great drummers think alike
  3. Lol you’ve got a good point there
  4. Tucker Carlson is a Fox News douchebag. A real big douche lol
  5. Touché brotha . Watch the r word tho
  6. Yea I edited my response and it makes sense
  7. Why’s UFC lame? I’m not into it but I see no problems, other than Dana White ripping off the fighters. People are free to hit each other just as Tom is free to hire shitty writers and call himself a singer. Tom seems like a douche with his commentary on this one. Edit- actually it wasn’t that douchy being that he was making fun of someone using the “God is good” card. So that makes sense.
  8. If only being old and stupid was the same
  9. I’m glad you made the decision to keep on keeping on brother! I played drums on Cadillac with some random kids in our high school talent show lol
  10. Yea dude, just like that guy from Mest.
  11. Lol as lame as I think bowling for soup is I gotta admit that Almost song was very catchy and pretty decent.
  12. Yea honestly if Tom gets a pass on using co-writers for his band, not side project, his only band…then surely Mark gets a pass to use them for blink as he lost 1/2 of the bands main songwriters (if we aren’t counting Travis).
  13. I just want to add that my Uncle Jack was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer over 10 years ago. I’ll have to ask what kind it was specifically because I forget the actual name. But he was given months to live 10 years ago. He’s still doing alive and well, in fact I just golfed with him yesterday. And he’s at least 20 years older than Mark. Let’s remain positive for Mark, he’s gonna beat this too. ❤️
  14. Yea I feel that way too. It’s not like we’re his children that he has to feel responsible for lol, but I can’t hate on him. He just has nothing negative to say about anything blink related and probably wants to distance himself from some of our conversations lol
  15. Ry has always been a cool dude to everyone. More power to him for not taking the bait from some of us and I wish him the best. He’s done a lot for this site.
  16. Yup! It was magical. Never will it be the same. The folks who got into blink untitled era and after will never truly be able to grasp or understand.
  17. Cool photo I’d never seen before of Mark and Tom with Alkaline Trio. I’m guessing Travis was out and about smoking weed and banging hoes.
  18. Hopefully I didn’t put blink-182online in another pickle with a new member again!
  19. Welcome @Punk_T! With that donation you get a free months subscription to my Onlyfans. You will watch me whether you like it or not!
  20. Lol @Depf you’re gonna laugh your ass off when we find this thread for you. You gotta read it from the start with the fake interview, to all the comments from people first being skeptical then buying into his lies, until he’s finally exposed. Lol shits actually hilarious but so cringy for the fact he made up this interview and lied his ass off so hard trying to convince people
  21. I could be wrong, I thought he was. He was at least an OG. But I’m glad he showed himself the door after that pathetic embarrassment lol. I really wish I was around when that happened because I would not have been fooled lol.
  22. There is a whole thread. I suck at finding these things. Anyone care to jump in for my main man here and direct him to the thread where that wank made up a whole interview of Mark on it, had a bunch of you fooled until Mark himself had to tweet out it wasn’t him? Lol
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