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  1. It's literally the heart of blink resurfacing after the brief moments on Neighborhoods/DED. This rarely happens. I will say I felt that with Mark on First Time, Cynical verse, and randomly Wildfire pre-chorus. Otherwise, all their hearts are out of it imo.
  2. AvA isn't an active band anymore.
  3. I'm still putting Rebel Girl in my top 10 AvA, it just came out of nowhere it had the blink Tom heart in it that's been so long forgotten, and knocked the shit out of 90% of modern blink songs. Tom was the balls in blink, Travis was the explosive talent, and Mark was the rhythm and level headedness
  4. I don't care about that, I didn't expect a 14-20 track album tbh nor did I really want it. Quality over quantity for me at this stage in their careers. If they're anything like RG or K&T I'm going to fondle myself.
  5. That's why Rebel Girl and K&T were so good too, they were seemingly out of no where. Not to sound like a boomer but social media does not help, I feel like I cannot enjoy anything as much anymore because all the anticipation and read throughs you can find online beforehand instead of just a trailer or sound clip, gets expectations too high. Tom is obviously the worst for this, by overhyping He really should just do his hype thing, drop an album of him farting into a microphone or something, then the real thing a week later. I'm already knowing this is gonna be duds.
  6. I think the more time that goes by, the more anticipation goes up, and the more we'll be disappointed, just the way this has historically gone. All speculation, but I can't see an album of K&Ts at this day and age, or I'd be genuinely shocked. I expect much more of All That's Left Is Love and maybe one more banger. We will see though. I still feel like this will never come out. I'm so burnt out by all my favorite artists.
  7. Well already better than every named track on California & Deluxe so we'll give Tom that.
  8. True, but on Neighborhoods/DED it kind of was needed, but yeah that point on I've had no interest in his over playing
  9. But in retrospect, CDs are so 'cheap' compared to Vynl Records and Cassettes, I can see why the old heads hated them.
  10. Not to turn this into a nostalgia fest, but downloading music off Limewire + Kazaa in hoping it was a good burn, then burning them onto a blank CD was the most satisfying thing to finally get accomplished and enhanced the music imo. It made physical CDs that much more rewarding as well with the booklets and all and knowing they were top quality. Spotify is great, don't get me wrong, but having everything at access touch of a button can hinder the experience sometimes..
  11. I never got on board with playstation until PS2 though, I remember my neighbor had that ps1 with the portable screen on it I thought was so dumb but also slightly jealous of.
  12. Well I don't think so either knowingly, but that bit of sadness Speedo was referring to I think may have been us instinctually seeing the rise of technology and where this could lead. This is a stretch though, it could definitely have just been shitty parenting like any 90% with boomer parents.
  13. That too, we've climaxed a bit as society, everything nowadays is a remake or reboot, and new technology releases we are accustomed to and crave it like we do picking up orange juice at the grocery store. Early 2000s everything was new, so like the Matrix, new Xbox, instant messaging, cheesy futuristic music videos, texting all blew our socks off. Now we're just kind of used to it and out of ideas
  14. Yes, I get that Patient, and that is at large why everyone favors their generation whether it be the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, but what I'm saying is the exponential growth of technology and computers from 90s to late 2000s to now is incredible and scary. It's not like any type of growth before it. Our lives went from a cool little game box that played games time to time to full consumption of our everyday lives and 'avatar' on social media which many identify by on our little hand held phone/computer. It's a different existence altogether. 90s was the last of the real human interact
  15. I think the 90s might have been such a vibe because everyone felt the 'real' world was coming to an end with the rise of technology, instinctually we knew, I'm not really kidding either.
  16. Just shave it bro. It's the man you were born to be. Vin Diesel, Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, The Rock, P!nk need I go on?
  17. Tom lost the plot years ago what are we even talking about? The plot was supposed to be Tom and Mark reuniting, confirming they made out in the I Miss You video, and then making the greatest return album within our existence. That was the plot. We were left in shambles.
  18. MGK pulls that shit off, kind of like your girlfriend's best summer dress.
  19. It's like he's trying to make up for lost time with length of hair. Are you guys getting my age jokes or no?
  20. Eraserhead was probably handsome in his mid/late 20s as well, have you seen Stalin? Not saying Mark is a bad looking guy in 2021, but that hair, hot damn
  21. I mean, I understand though, there's not much more sex appeal than prime mark:
  22. Whatever hair spray stuff he uses is cringeworthy though, it looks like his hair is about to float away but his mid life crisis isn't. Time to change it up.
  23. Music videos are still part of the image, there's just more ways to get the image out other than videos nowadays. I can't imagine Britney Spears or Blink back in 2000 shipping out lyric videos and becoming as popular as they were. Imagine Hit Me Baby One More Time and All The Small Things on just lyric videos and not music videos, I bet neither makes it to their degree. Radio + Music Videos was everything for a long time in terms of popularity. Now they can use all social media sources, twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube, whatever.
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