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  1. ....I'm not hearing what any of you are. But keep up the illuminati Feldmann bit, it's good stuff.
  2. It sounds like it's gonna be a bit more of a sad song and then it's like oh, the chorus is like this happy pop jam. Even Skiba commented on how bizarre it was.
  3. It'd be very disrespectful to Mark to do another BCR thing. Travis wouldn't do that.
  4. I think SOOHM is going to do very well as a single. It is a catchy son of a bitch. Sober will be a single too since that was why they brought in Stump, but I think SOOHM is the logical next radio jaunty.
  5. AVA is no longer even really a band. I think that era ended after Matt and Atom both walked away. From that point onward Tom basically removed David from the equation and wanted to redefine Angels as an art project that's more of a liquid enterprise than a musical act. It's Tom's biggest brand which he now uses as the musical arm of To The Stars. It will never tour, never reform, and never really be defined beyond what it currently is. The Tom DeLonge b-sides thing doesn't really count, as he couldn't exactly call it an AVA thing and wanted to hustle out his leftover blink demos to the world as a creative property precaution/money grab. I think Ilan can come and go with Angels as he pleases and if Tom is interested in working with him again, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if the next big album-type thing they do is with somebody else. Travis, however, isn't going to do shit with Tom that he can't have his say in. I don't see Travis being comfortable being in an act with Tom that tours or does more than record maybe one song, and I don't see any future music they release together as being available under the AVA/BCR brands. It could be a one off single type thing they do for fun as a To The Stars/FSAS promotion.
  6. How dare you offer an objective, well-thought-out opinion?
  7. I wouldn't see the problem at all with Mark and Matt's pre-Feldy "darker" songs being made into an EP. Could be a fun thing to put out before Halloween but doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be 5 or 6 songs of Mark singing over what a shitheel Tom is.
  8. I think the main problem with this and every blink fan debate/discussion anywhere is that you have a very vocal minority of people who militantly fucking hate Tom and all things AVA. They want him and his entire post-reunion catalog burned to the ground, and the ground salted where the ashes fell. They will never get over it. Then you have people who are militantly Tom people who won't let shit lie when the militant anti-Tom folks constantly destroy their hero. Both parties are cunts, on the whole, and kind of ruin the experience for everybody. Neighborhoods and DED are okay works that blink has no reason to be disappointed in or necessarily overly proud of. They were albums/EPs that are a part of the band's story now, and even though they are well in the past, both the anti-Tom and pro-Tom clowns will continue their blood feud over reminding everybody how fucking terrible/awesome those albums were. It is the biggest circle jerk debate in all of pop-punk history.
  9. I don't think Tom wants to write music anymore unless he can do it from a comfortable place. Dream Walker was unique in that he intended to challenge himself and Ilan was a huge, huge part of acting as a co-producer of the album as well. Tom thrives when he has somebody keeping him in check, or at least when he allows somebody else to keep him in check. Dream Walker also had the added challenge of Tom redefining that band and making something he could be proud of after a handful of kind of forgettable albums. Further, these days Tom doesn't write music that feels very connected. Look at Anomaly and Pretty Little Girl, for example. PLG was pretty obviously about his wife and their ups and downs and future. It came off as heartfelt, not overly loaded with metaphor and imagery, and outside of the stupid rap section felt like a well written tune. Anomaly was a classic acoustic Tom song that lost a lot of momentum because a good chunk of the lyrics are so forced through his romantic nonsense filter that some of it fell flat. I follow your eyes to the top of a mountain, it's the scariest place to be alive? I won't let you leave here without these violins? What? Even Tunnels, a song about doubting the existence of god, was powerfully disjointed. Lyrically a total mess that paints a portrait of Tom feeling like a jerk about his fame, and not really anything intimate or personal about a son losing his dad (what he was going through at the time) or of confronting faith. So if Travis was to work exclusively with Tom on something, a Box Car Racer thing say, it wouldn't even sound like Box Car because Tom would still have synths and sound effects, overdone layers of audio, and lyrically disconnected songs that don't ache with purpose like Box Car did. It would just be another cash grab.
  10. Regardless, it's nothing at all that needs to be argued over.
  11. Officially #1 in the UK. First time blink has done this.
  12. I remember the first time I heard American Idiot I just absolutely lost my shit. That song fucking killed when it debuted.
  13. "Right after" clearly being too loose of a description for you, I see. Considering we regularly wait 5+ years between blink albums, 2 years qualifies to me as "right after."
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