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  1. And his campaign didn't even last a week Tom got arrested for underage drinking and also got kicked out of high school for it. I could see maybe something smaller like governor. If he actually proves the existence of aliens or something to that magnitude, he'd have a solid chance, but a couple of blurry videos and ghostwritten books aren't going to win him an election.
  2. Didn't believe it for a second. He'd never have a chance, barely graduated high school, and he's said so much offensive shit over the years (joking but still) his campaign would be finished before it started.
  3. He literally brought this on himself. He knew half the fanbase wouldd despise him from the start and he'd never be more than a placeholder. Skiba saw the easy money and fame and jumped on it, but traded it for his autonomy. Can't blame him but certainly can't respect him either.
  4. Using the publicity from the 2nd break up to help sell the poorly produced scraps and demos was probably the most heinous thing he ever did.
  5. I actually retired the mask at the end of the pokemon card ranking series, I would've thought you know that seeing as you're one of my top fans. By the way, what did you think of the cliche video? I was thinking about making one for Mark, but I don't think he falls into as many repetitive patterns. He does stuff likes ages, she said, and going home, but I'm not sure it'll be enough for a video.
  6. Fun Fact: I originally planned on using a pair of your mom's pink undies, but they were too big for my head.
  7. Toilet paper is back on shelves, why would anyone want this?
  8. People out here preferring the stupid rip off of nirvana smiley face to the bunny. Strange world
  9. But then this masterpiece wouldn't have been created. You should really watch what you say less you'll appear stupid...
  10. Literally couldn't care less. This shit should have stopped with Pretty Little Girl.
  11. What do you sweathearts think of my newest video (not blink related but I thought you'd appreciate it, let me know)
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