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  1. That's my plan to add Tom. Still need his signature on a couple items
  2. yeah definitely. But now I'm missing Tom on like 9 Vinyls... (I made good use of the blink VIP packages on their last Europe tour) I hope he comes to Germany again someday. Otherwise I'm on vacation in the US next April... maybe I'll show up in some places haha. alright, thanks!
  3. And right to my next question. What do you think about this one? there are not a lot of vintage blink signatures I own so I'm having a hard time to see if they're authentic, compared to the new ones. At least at first glance it looks good to me.
  4. I actually own a signed EOTS booklet signed by Mark, Tom and Trav. I got Tom in 2011 (If I remember correctly) when he was signing with AVA in Cologne, Germany. I added Mark and Trav last year in Dortmund, Germany. Out of all of my like 30+ signed blink items this is one of my favorites. My favorite Album, met all of them in person and it took me like six years to finish it. Edit: I just read that you actually mean signatures from the same time period - my bad.
  5. @Ry-Bread btw, I got some Scott graphs you can add to your list. Pretty disappointing imo but 100% legit. Got him to sign at a the wraith gig last year. also got dude, Cat and greatest hits signed by him.
  6. @Ry-Bread thanks for the quick response! what would you consider a fair price for it? Seller says it was signed in 1995 or 1996 and the „I heart gigs“ refers to the Gigs music theatre in Anchorage Alaska. The shirt seemingly was a gift from the band to the Club manager.
  7. @Ry-Bread what do you think about this one?
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