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  1. Forgot to mention that I used the Russians sticker kit which is available on reverb. Think is was like just under 30$
  2. Hey thanks for uploading them for me. I built this guitar keeping budget in mind. The guitar started out as a squier Strat SE which is a great modding platform. For that that don’t know, the SE strats have a full thickness Agathis body and satin neck with 42mm nut width. They aren’t made anymore and these SEs are pretty sought after, especially in white, but they are pretty affordable. Usually like $60-$120 second hand. They have a normal 6pt trem however so I did install a 2pt trem with full size block, which is really a pretty straight forward install. Also. Replaced the saddles with graph tech ones. The tuners are pretty decent on the SE but installed Wilkinson ez locks out of personal preference. I got the pick ups and guard from tnt custom guitars. They make some really great products. The guitar tone on the x2n style pickup sounds pretty close to the tone of Cheshire Cat through my peavey. Building it this way should cost you 250-300$ Including the initial cost of the squier guitar.
  3. Not sure if those links work for everyone. Let me know if they don’t work and I’ll find some other way. Maybe I have to make the images smaller.
  4. https://ibb.co/BwkPGXv https://ibb.co/P6LKSL5 https://ibb.co/vz3JbKK https://ibb.co/9tPw94w https://ibb.co/FDRqYn0
  5. I just finished my TD sticker Strat and it won’t let me upload the photos because they are too big. Any way around this ?
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