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  1. Nash P-basses retail for 2k anyway, I might keep it if I can find the money by selling some of my other gear. We will see
  2. Thank you for this, I spent nearly all my money on it and I’d rather see it go to a Blink fan (that’s why I came here) than to some random rich person who won’t treat it as a prized possession. I debated not even reselling it but I don’t make enough income to keep it at the moment
  3. It’s from his personal collection, it’s not a tour bass. He sold the matching Nash strat-type too
  4. Thanks for the support Margie, yep I’m a full-time college student so sometimes a full-time job doesn’t cut it monetarily, if it makes me look bad at least I’m losing debt in the process??
  5. Today, I acquired one of Mark’s basses on an internet auction via his Reverb Store. This bass is from his personal collection, and it will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity and ownership, signed by the man himself, Mark Hoppus. I blew just about all of my money on this bass, so if anybody is legitimately interested in owning one of Mark’s basses, let me know! :-)
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