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  1. Thank you! I will not forget what you did for me here today.
  2. Yeh I thought the same too but I've never found a logo from them like that.
  3. Speaking of t shirts, does anyone know what brand/logo that is on Travis shirt?!?
  4. Minds set Fire Or just Mind Set Fire
  5. I actually really dug California. But this new record just sounds terrible. I feel like mark is just kind of losing the edge in playing music. I feel if they don't step it up and try to recover from this album then nothing but Tom can bring them back.
  6. Hey guys! I was curious if anyone knew what kind of microphone was used in Stockholm Syndrome? I read they used a vintage 1950s mic, but does anyone know make and model? I was in the market to buy one and try it out to see how it differs from alot of stuff today. Thanks!
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