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  1. Can i be let in on the inside joke. Maybe then id know how it applies to me. Dont make me take my talents to another incel thread. You dont want that. I can make evwryone hate me with one post its a talent. When evertime i thought i was just being original. Thats the bitch living in the human rat world who wouldnt be able to function without human warmth and acceptance around them. Lemmingvilleusa. Im great bully fodder. But ironically i dont mind cos im bullying evwryone too. When you cant get accepted burn the world
  2. I have alot to learn about forums. Is anything literal or are you being sarcastic lol
  3. Right range vs absolutely none. The rationalitybof a woman
  4. Guess i just understand them. I thought ppl liked the comment. See what i mean?
  5. Easy to reach for some side point to evade a point. Congrats im sure your glad trump is out haa
  6. What did i say? That bale was good in big short what else? My general comment was only directed at one person
  7. I think essentially comparing bale to idris is one of the most blasphemous thinga ive ever heard. Idris is an affirmative joke. I suppose taste in music equates to film (blink) might as well drop mic there. You'll prob boot me off for being right now. If so before i go wack forum if you do
  8. I literally googled the subject line and ended up here. Why? Is this a circle wank?
  9. Just responding to whoever said they didnt like him in big short
  10. Why not big short. What were you expecting here? Forums are so dumb. Everyone says a good thing then a dumb as shit thing
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