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  1. Guess what?!…. I FOUND THE HOODIE!!! @Kay Someone in the FB group linked me to one for sale!!! I appreciated you so much
  2. So this was my first post EVER on this page. Literally just joined last night. Have no idea what the pickle joke is, but I’m assuming his comment wasn’t actually trying to let me know that he has the hoodie. I’ll keep that in mind going forward
  3. I absolutely will! Blink is my forever favorite band! Been a longtime fan since Dude Ranch was released! Just bringing back old memories and going through the nostalgia of it all the past few months
  4. Thank you so much Kay! I appreciate it
  5. I have been checking religiously for this hoodie on all above sites mentioned. Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari etc to name a few others lol. Wasn’t sure if anyone on here might have one or knows someone with one and wanted to part with it if the price was right Thanks again!!
  6. @SpeedoIt would depend on seeing the item, size and overall quality. I’m open to discuss @Elisathank you
  7. Hi! I am new and apologize if there’s a sub thread for this already. I have really been searching everywhere on where/how to purchase the loserkids bunny hoodie from back in the dude ranch days (late 90s) and haven’t had much success. I know it has been reissued over the years but would really love the OG. I don’t know of many reputable websites selling things as a lot claim to be “vintage” when in fact they are not. Not sure if any of you guys have this item and are wanting to sell but I am very interested! Thank you!!
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