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  1. i have the sexiest tom delonge strat in existence. swapped out the white invader for a black one, swapped all the chrome hardware with black hardware, upgraded the tuners to sperzel tuners. a girl i was dating in high school put the atticus heart on there. where did the time go, wow.1662557_10153801009955713_1545671028_n.j

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  2. On 9/27/2019 at 9:38 AM, Donald Trump's Bulge said:

    Most people have flaws. But in this case he has flaws and no talent in Blink. He is a glorified Dave Kennedy or worse, that new bass player in AVA that none of the AVAbots want to stand by in the photo op.

    Yeah, he showed up on the new album, but its starting to feel more like "Hey Matt, here is this part we wrote for you, sing it and we will do our autotuned/production magic"

    no joke, matt rubano is probably the most talented musician out of anyone who has been in blink or ava...he is legit.

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