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  1. crazy how this band exploded so fast. in 2010 they played the tent at Glastonbury and this year they ended that festival and headlined Lolla's Saturday (which I saw a little bit of, ginormous crowd.)
  2. the last scene of the penultimate ep got me so pumped for the end. it's just gonna be walter white revenge hour.
  3. that shit cray. that shit cray. that shit cray.
  4. Aziz Ansari is gonna be on Kimmel tonight. ten bucks he talks about Watch The Throne.
  5. skyler is the worst. she annoys me so much.
  6. last night's scene where they eat the pinkberry in the car was great.
  7. I envy you^ the second half of the third season it's like HOLY SHIT at the end of every ep.
  8. I thought Curb was supposed to be set in New York this season, when is that happening?
  9. quality show. so many things on the internet because of it. Jean-Ralphio/Tom Haverford interactions are the best. next season should be great with the direction they're taking that.
  10. the character of George in Seinfeld is based on Larry.
  11. love the chorus. fuck yes blink is back.
  12. thanks man. I shoulda came back here for some good questions to ask him.
  13. also, a shameless plug, Jack's came to my school for a fall concert junior year and I interviewed him for our newspaper. http://creightonian.creighton.edu/?p=1205
  14. that Kansrocksas thing? the lineup is SURPRISINGLY GOOD for KC. like seriously good.
  15. thanks to this I watched four and a half episodes of Clarissa Explains It All last week.
  16. hah pretty sure next season is the last season. Sunday is the best television night.
  17. this season is amazing! Larry talking to the 'sorority' at the battered women's shelter? "inspirational speaker? what the FUCK is she talking about." then last episode, getting fucked by a Palestinian girl - "I'm gonna fuck the Jew out of you! Fuck me like Israel fucked my people!" plus the pointing LOL thing. so good.
  18. holy shit that premiere was chilling. I forgot this is the only show that can literally make my jaw drop. sucks that Cranston can't win 4 straight Emmys.
  19. travis smiling at mark was the best thing ever
  20. exact same thing man. man, when i read that text message my heart just stopped. i literally jumped out of bed and then i couldn't find it online anywhere cause i guess she had seen it on TV first... then i came here. did your heart.... .. stop beating?
  21. ok my blink bestie in middle school texted me that Travis died in a plane crash when I woke up this morning. it sucked. then I went online and saw that he just got burned. it still sucks. I pray he recovers.
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