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  1. am i the only one who doesnt buy into punk vs lesnar? looking at them face to face it just looks like lesnar would absolutely annihilate him in a proper fight due to his small build. triple h at least looked like a proper threat. glad that awful feud is over so looking forward to the punk vs heyman promos
  2. hey all. my girlfriend is doing a masters in business and is doing her dissertation on the upcoming world cup and olympics in RIO. shes got a survey online and would really appreciate it if you guys would do it. wont take more than 3 min. thanks in advance http://en.q-set.nl/q-set.php?sCode=EEQVHCRXPMVW
  3. anyone found a hd stream?
  4. in a couple of the previews it shows them packing up which looks like theyre leaving. wouldnt it suck if its been all this build up to a war only for them to arrive at the prison and everyones already gone and it just ends there haha
  5. if you watch talking dead this week the creator said we will see him again. he wouldnt give anything away so just said it may be sooner or later but i reckon he will become a big part of it. he has to anyway, everytime they kill the token black guy they introduce a new one, its happened like 4 times already
  6. 'A MESSAGE FROM PETE, PATRICK, ANDY & JOE when we were kids the only thing that got us through most days was music. its why we started fall out boy in the first place. this isn't a reunion because we never broke up. we needed to plug back in and make some music that matters to us. the future of fall out boy starts now. save rock and roll... so glad theyre back, really loving the new song but also understand why some people are complaining about it whats everyone elses thoughts?
  7. i need to hear it again but after one listen was pretty disappointed. still got high hopes for the rest of the ep though
  8. anyone else think its pretty funny they always introduce a new token black guy before killing off the old one? awesome episode though, so glad darryl didnt die as was expecting that to happen
  9. definitely not paying $10 for it sounds ok though, anyone got a rip pm me
  10. holy shit that was awesome. really hope they keep the fast pace for the whole series i cant find the spoiler tab so wont post what i wanted to say till later when everyones seen it
  11. ConE


    i made a topic about this show and not many people cared its still my favourite show on tv though and possibly of all time. so well written ive watched both series a few times
  12. ConE


    new single! awesome straight up pop punk song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqPh-4Mqx4c&feature=player_embedded
  13. i thought the trailer look beyond awful, watched the first episode and was surprised that it wasnt as bad as i thought, the second however made me lose all hope for it. beyond cringeworthy especially the bus turd thing. havent even bothered checking out the third one and doubt i will. on the brightside at least theyve confirmed another inbetweeners film
  14. i don't know who that is, but he didn't co-write this particular song. i saw an interview on tv yesterday talking about how the song was written randomly one day. hes a up and coming uk acoustic artist, getting massive and well worth checking out. he does a few bits of rapping as well. really catchy songs and insanely fast rapping at times. i read he was in the studio with her earlier this year and has co written a couple of tracks on the new album check out heres a longer live vid with a few covers thrown in, well worth watching to the end. awesomely done with just a guitar an
  15. ConE


    anyone watching this? in my opinion its by far the best show on tv, can't wait for the finale next week
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