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  1. Yeah I love Cali and will defend it. But I can't be bothered anymore worrying about what others think. Waste of time and energy, as long as I enjoy it I'm happy as hell. If others love it? Awesome, if they don't? Whatever.
  2. I never post here anymore. But was hoping for a leak, anyone got a link for mobile device? Very excited. As someone who loved California and has loved all the songs from a deluxe so far. Can't wait to listen.
  3. The album hasn't officially been released yet. So how can you say they won't play it live?
  4. i haven't posted on here in ages, but have been around forever haha. can someone send me the sendspace link can't get it going on my phone so jumped on the laptop.
  5. I feel like everyone or a majority liked their fast pace of playing songs during that 04 tour. Am I the only one that hated it? I felt like it took something away from the songs.
  6. I don't get the hate for This Is Home. One of my favorite songs on Neighborhoods
  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="..Dan.." data-cid="1038046" data-time="1357236635"><p> People are entitled to their opinion about the music, every time you disagree with someones view you just dismiss it and make out like they're wrong.<br /> <br /> I like all the songs on it but you can't deny they're are Angels and Airwaves undertones to the Tom's song, just like Dog Eating Dogs sounds a bit +44, it is what Blink-182 is now but the writing styles they now have def take influence from the music they made when Mark and Tom were apart.<br /> <br /> Try to offer constructive debate rather than "Here we go again with this shit" it's perfectly understandable that someone who didn't like AVA wouldn't like Tom's songs on this EP.</p></blockquote> I don't have a problem with voicing their opinion. It's when they say stupid shit like he did with the "it's Ava featuring mark hoppus". To me that just sounds stupid to say something like that. I understand the comparisons to all the side projects. But a comment like that just seems idiotic to me. It's mark Tom and Travis, it's blink and it's their new sound. Not AVA featuring mark or +44 featuring Tom. That's what annoys me.
  8. Here we go again with this shit.
  9. Tough decision for me because I love the whole EP. It might be Disaster and PLG tied.
  10. That's what I've been hearing "winter bites"
  11. Could be, but I feel like this EP is really way better considering it was written by them together. Not mixed and matched.
  12. Why in 6 months will it feel just like neighborhoods?
  13. Good point I forgot about that song
  14. What's the big deal if they used no profanities? Like it really matters
  15. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="aftermidnight" data-cid="1036202" data-time="1355888632"><p> Did anyone notice the lack of cursing? There is none, unless you count the "fucked" in Yelawolf's part.</p></blockquote> So what?
  16. I still do love neighborhoods but for a different reason. I feel like this new EP I love on a level of untitled in the sense that its the 3 of them working together in a room. Neighborhoods is still a great album that has some def stand out tracks. This EP though is def what would of been after untitled, it's a perfect mix of everything the 3 of them have done on the side as well.
  17. Ghent and Tyler agree with you both. It's just a fact now that no matter what, these fans will alwaysssssss have something stupid to complain about. Instead of growing with the band they want the band to like never change and cater to their every whim.
  18. Pretty little girl is probably the most sincere and honest song Tom has written since There Is.
  19. Awesome thanks for posting Bennett. Hope to see them release more little behind the scenes stuff like this.
  20. No not odd at all, they're capable of writing awesome meaningful lyrics without profanities
  21. In dogs eating dogs I think the line is "we're cast into the freezing cold" not "forecast" am I the only one hearing that?
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