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  1. While I certainly share some of your opinions regarding Mark and Tom's relationship, I don't think it is appropriate for an academic paper. I can't imagine a paper like this (speculating on the sexuality/relationships of celebrities/musicians) would be well received by your professor. Save that for your Homoeroticism in Pop-Punk class.
  2. So, no official word from blink, just a cancellation notice from the venue? And seemingly no discernible reason why they had to cancel? Shitty.
  3. I head AVA announced as part of the line-up for the DC101 Chili Cook-Off near DC on May 12th today.
  4. Ugh.. just realized the official Loveline podcast only includes the first 10 minutes of the show, which Tom isn't even on. Currently scavenging the internet for someone that might have ripped it.
  5. Fail Whale for this girl melissajustine_1 hour agovia Twitter for iPhoneTwitter I look crazy - dont care cause I JUST MET&talked abt good ol' Chicago w Mark Hoppus of Blink 182@the Sox-Twins game! #fb yfrog.com/nztjcyj
  6. I found this on twitter. Some people saw them at the Twins game.
  7. uh.. he started smoking again awhile back Quite a few people have seen and met him outside the Fuse studio while he was taking smoking breaks.
  8. ^^ awkward He really didn't want to say what "155" was about...
  9. He actually talked about this song in a interview along time ago. Weird that the name never did change. Yeah i knew i recognised it. I really hope it's not just named that because he couldn't think of a real name. I scrolled all the way down to 4/18/11 on Mark's twitter just to see if that date could actually mean something. It's the date they cancelled the European tour.
  10. This. Also he really needs to work on his announcing voice, it sounds like he's yelling.
  11. Was there a live video stream of the KROQ interview this morning? I know they did it for the other ones.
  12. Uh, what about last week when Mark posted those lyrics in Tom's handwriting? Obviously he had to have been there. I'm not sure why he wouldn't just say that when that's what we all want. He seems to be pretty reluctant to talk about his personal life in his tweets, so maybe its a part of that?
  13. I just compared the handwriting from Tom's painting shown on a modlife vid with the lyrics Mark posted. It looks like it's definitely Tom's. I'm just baffled by why he acted like he wrote them?..
  14. Anybody want to rent Mark's house? It's only $16,500 a month. http://1111maytorplace.com/
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