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  1. I guess but I'm a total Kevin Conroy fan boy so when I saw he wasn't voicing Bats my excitement dropped massively.
  2. Most of you saying the album sucks are the same ones that have stated numerous times that you've been saying fuck this band since American Idiot. Did you really expect to like this album or do you just want something to hate on? I mean hey if so then that's totally your right and opinion but it's like okay we get, you hate Green Day, is it so hard to just bite your tongue and move on? I guess it's pointless to expect this though on a Blink site.
  3. Oh don't worry I'm sure Ghent and others will be soon to flood this thread with that stuff.
  4. Even though it's technically a different show it still shares the same continuity as the previous seasons. It just has a different art style.
  5. sounds interesting. Three Cheers was a great album and I even liked some of Black Parade.
  6. Only thing about that movie that kinda bugs me now was how The Phantasm was able to literally disappear into thin air in front of people or have bullets literally go through her. Not even Bats could pull some of that shit. Harley was actually a completely original character from show as well. She's since then been adapted into the comics.
  7. I have the entire DC Animated Universe (Batman, Superman, Beyond, Justice League Unlimited) downloaded to my external drive. Some of my favorites Over the Edge The Man Who Killed Batman Heart of Ice Almost Got Em Feat Of Clay Harley and Ivy Mad Love Also even though it's a Superman episode. "Knight Time," Loved seeing Supes beat the crap out of Bane in the Bat suit. Childhood defining cartoon right here. When I have kids I'll be definitely sure to show them this masterpiece of a show.
  8. Me and my buddy have been playing DayZ. Such a glitchy game but also way fun, manly cause there's nothing else like it.
  9. Haha agreed. It's funny how they decribed Badger in the early seasons as Jesse's Jesse because he was always making things hard for him lol. I wonder if we'll even see Badger and Skinny Pete again before the shows over.
  10. I finally just started watching this show and went through all 3 seasons in a 2 weeks lol. I love it. Even though the show can get a little ridiculous at times it's probably the most relateable show I've ever seen haha. My favorites one has to be the one where they get trapped in the sewer. Can't wait for season 4
  11. Nobody saw him at the scene + no finger prints or evidence
  12. Thanks, Bennett! I couldn't remember where that book had come from and what the W.W was all about. I remembered the scene where Walt was like "you got me!" to Hank but I couldn't connect all the dots. It's all coming back to me now though. Man, that shit was so long ago, how do you even remember that?? That was actually only from last season. Not that long ago.
  13. Yeah the flashback was from 4x04 "Bullet Points". You could go back and watch that one to refresh your mind.
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