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  1. Tom can't sing his own songs, I'd shudder to hear him sing someone elses. I listened to him sing sweater song with weezer and felt sick
  2. The First Time - 7.5/10 I can see why people are seeing similarities to feeling this. I think I would have preferred the main guitar hook without Matt's Yeah's over the top Happy Days - 7/10 I rate this song as someone who also struggles a bit and wants to look for the happy days but I do feel its a bit too simplistic to be higher Heaven - 8/10 I would have rated this higher if Matt sung the chorus. Darkside - 8/10 A fun track thats easy to bop a long to. Probably the most similar to California era to me Blame it on my youth - 8.5/10 This song was a serious grower for me and I found it the one i hummed along to the most Generational Divide - 6/10 Feels to hollow and too similar to hearts all gone due to the guitar work Run Away - 5/10 Start feels like the sequel to the fallen interlude. It really doesnt feel like something the group wrote themselves Black Rain - 7/10 I honestly think the worst part of this song is Matt's verses the rest is great I really wish i hated you - 8/10 Really enjoy this song even if it is simplistic musically Pin the grenade - 9/10 definitely my favourite. The chorus feels the most Blink 182 thing since 03 to me. No Heart to Speak Of - 7.5/10 I think this song would have really benefitted from more pronounced guitar throughout the verses but its still very good Ransom - 5/10 We dont need autotune in blink especially in a song thats only 1:20 long its not like its there to appeal to the masses for radioplay on some emo shit - 6/10 I dont think this song goes where it needs to Hungover you - 6.5/10 Not great not bad not much else to say Remember to forget me - 3/10 This song feels like the first forced slow song from the band Overall - I think this is better than Cali DLX but I think i liked the boppier California overall. Some great songs here but too many average
  3. I actually quite like this one, probably my favourite. Only wish they turned the chorus guitars up
  4. I voted neighbourhoods as its my least favourite album and live was embarassing for the first 3/4 years of them being "back"
  5. rumours abound that Japan will get a bonus track
  6. Welcome back @Ari Place hasn't been the same without you. I'm mostly just a spectator here now since you left but glad to see you back.
  7. its also on spotify for NZ and Aussies as a 4 track EP with the others.
  8. kingdom leaks if you're so inclined
  9. yeah but he wont play that with AvA
  10. Tom has like 2 albums worth of material of AvA he hasnt toured with. Wonder how much of that will be played.
  11. Wait am i the only one going to bring back up the fact that Oliver thinks that because a horse doesnt wipe its ass, we shouldnt have to? I know im slightly changing the narrative but this seriously made me laugh out loud at work
  12. If it makes you feel better I can play sweet child of mine behind my head and you messed up some palm muting and strum patterns but from the audio I couldnt really render a full verdict. I also play bass, drums, violin, piano and the ukelele if it helps give me some weight to the scenario. To play devils advocate. Skiba has been playing these songs for a few years now and like others and I agree with pointed out you have likely been playing these since picking up your guitar or listening to blink. Does it excuse Skiba no. But if you listen to Alk trio blink is vastly different in the way it plays. bottom line, I think i can play blink songs better than Skiba or Tom on a stage however I wouldnt say im better than them. Playing the song you didnt write, singing the words you didnt write infront of a crowd who knows you didnt must be a daunting experience regardless of how its perceived. Matt has never been a huge stage presence. He plays his material has a few words and gets on with it. He isnt Tom, who will play the song, ad lib the interludes with new things he likes and then joke about how he fucked it all up. Oh i also play a mean Ocarina.
  13. Not to throw oil on the fire, but Skiba does play drums and bass. You can see recordings of it on Alk 3 videos. But to show my bias, i prefer Alk 3 over Blink.
  14. wheres the palm muting in the intro of dont leave me
  15. i think id prefer everything was turned down by 90%
  16. I havent played blink in a long time so a bit rusty, which is why i made the chord progression mistake towards the end. I mostly play more metal so it was a change busting out my fender and mosfet pedals.
  17. I haven't played this song in ages, but thought id play the harder version. I tried to mix my guitar close to the speakers. It was first attempt and even made a mistake at one point. I cropped myself out because im fat and nobody needs to see that shit.
  18. For those complaining about Skiba's tone..did they not hear any of Toms performances post 2009? His overdrive was like a clean with someone spitting the signal
  19. that was fucking awful and nothing like toms style...its not toms style just because you have a epiphone td
  20. yeah there is they are called sekret machines.
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