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You're the saddest girl I know for someone who won't make that known

to anyone she knows, no you just float in lies of hope

Oh but you're my favorite joke,

yeah the favorite one I wrote.

And whenever I write about you, girl I cannot ever tell

if it's even about you till the ending key points sell

the one line that connects you to me like Heaven with Hell

but I throw most of them away, you're just a penny in my well

and that proves dreams don't come true

Because there's nothing you can do...

Now you're buried in my heart just like a gold fish, passed away

You can try to care all you want but no action holds true claim

to the way you feel or may have felt on certain days

I try my best to love you but I'm just left with headaches

Oh but you're my favorite joke,

yeah the favorite one I wrote

I say you're my favorite joke

You are the favorite one I wrote....

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