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Back up plan

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I’m just a back up plan, if all else goes to shit

and you’re my end goal, girl - The thing I strive to hit.

I am an episode that you’ve already seen.

You’ve got me memorized. You quote me back to me.

And I’m never prepared for you, like I’d like to be

I was much happier when you’d refuse my drinks,

and you wouldn’t take my calls. You said it wouldn’t work.

It’s only when it will I know it will get worse.

We used to talk all night now we don’t talk no more

this new age texting trend hurts ten times worse than words.

Now I’m fucked up again inside a clumsy verse

trying to rhyme my thoughts into a long black hearse.

These petty nursery rhymes aren’t written like they were

when I was just a kid latched on my mothers shirt.

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