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    Dammit Cover

    I like the Dammit cover. Nice job, man. One little thing: vocals are a little squeaky (the lead vocals), try standing up while singing and pay attention to your breathing.
  2. Cleeeeaa-urr. His 'r' definitely sounds like Tom.
  3. Great band, got into them because of this topic. Currently listening to their 2011 album, I like.
  4. Sounds good indeed, would be awesome if you could get rid of the drums that are still in there during the chorus.
  5. I don't feel like liking your page to listen to a track, is there any other way I can hear it?
  6. Didn't like it, except for the Don't run away from yesterday part and what came after that. Try to work on the timing, the guitars sound like they're a tad behind. Harmonies aren't that bad (because of the auto tune), but remember to work on the timing.
  7. Man Overboard - Real Talk still is a solid album, the new album hasn't really grown on me yet. Pop punk dead? The Wonder Years? Title Fight?
  8. Looking at his posts and post count: he made three posts, all promoting his website. So yeah, banning him wasn't a bad decision.
  9. I can record guitar and vocals (properly). Anyone up for some oldskool blink or sum 41?
  11. What the.. I hadn't listened to the complete song yet, just the beginning and the bridge is Foo Fighters - The Pretender. Really wondering if this is the recordlabel pushing them or them just being complete retards. Overall, I've noticed the song sounds a little too forced at some points. "Hey let's put some typical FYS stuff here, and then put some Foo Fighters here, some smooth producing skills here and voila." I realize how this will sound, but please make another Rise or Die trying. I've listened to that record everyday for like half a year straight, without getting bored of it.
  12. The bass is really boring. REALLY boring. He's just playing the rootnotes.
  13. He is, he is incredible. Makes me wonder what Dallas liked better. Playing soft acoustic songs for City and Colour or the heavier Alexisonfire stuff.
  14. Fuck, that sucks. Really happy I saw them twice though.
  15. This song's production doesn't sound like anything oldskool/Dude Ranch. Just listen to it and then listen to a Dude Ranch song.
  16. Hahaha, awesome. Yeah, it looks really stupid to be honest.
  17. Song sounds like music.
  18. You still need one? Try googling the artist + album title + torrent. Or look the album up on Spotify
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