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  1. I recently got married and wanted to incorporate my music in our wedding. I wrote a song for my (now) wife which she ended up walking down the aisle to. We ended up renting an RV and driving across the country to keep us and my in laws safe. This video is footage from that trip, along with the song I wrote, "Somewhere Beautiful". Hope you all enjoy it!
  2. Was really looking forward to a cool song today. What a let down. Bland and unoriginal. I guess this is the reason they hire people to write albums for them now.
  3. @daveyjones and I met up once before he moved out of Cali, and god damn, it was like meeting up with a blink museum curator. Super nice guy too. Seriously is the real deal and probably the best source of old info of blink on these boards.
  4. I decided to clean up all the videos and photos on my phone over the last couple years, and put them behind a song I recorded in August of 2019. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. horchata

    Blink Beer

    Triplehorn in Seattle
  6. horchata

    Blink Beer

    Buddy picked up a 6 pack for me. Stoked to drink this!
  7. I'm glad someone likes it and listens regularly! Thanks a million!
  8. Does anyone know if there is an opening band at the AVA shows?
  9. Been saying this for a while now, but i hope Mark gets kicked out of the band and replaced with Feldy. That’s the real blink!
  10. It's not. Hiring songwriters doesn't count.
  11. Yeah, honestly I wanted to like it as well. The 15 second preview got me a bit excited as I thought the song was going to build up and go somewhere, though it doesn't build into anything. I hate to say it, but it's quite bad.
  12. I made this a while back as a gag, and a lot of people have asked for them. Let me see if I still have the files to do it again.
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