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  1. Does anyone know if there is an opening band at the AVA shows?
  2. Been saying this for a while now, but i hope Mark gets kicked out of the band and replaced with Feldy. That’s the real blink!
  3. It's not. Hiring songwriters doesn't count.
  4. Yeah, honestly I wanted to like it as well. The 15 second preview got me a bit excited as I thought the song was going to build up and go somewhere, though it doesn't build into anything. I hate to say it, but it's quite bad.
  5. I made this a while back as a gag, and a lot of people have asked for them. Let me see if I still have the files to do it again.
  6. I forgot - you only like stuff Feldman writes.
  7. Personally I love the song. I feel like it should've been a blink song - if Travis drummed on it, and Mark had like 5% backing vox, this would be an absolute banger.
  8. Fucking love it. It would've made such a great blink song. Just a sprinkle of background vox with Mark, and Travis on the drums - it would be insane.
  9. Thought I'd slow down a bit and make a "campfire" type song. I'd love to hear what you guys think, and hope you enjoy it!
  10. Just listened for the first time. It's ok. The best of the new songs they've released, but thats not saying much. The drums are fun, and remind me of When Your Heart Stops Beating's chorus, which is also testament to how boring this song would be if not for Travis' insane drumming.
  11. This lil wayne stuff is hilarious.
  12. Very forgettable. The intro had me excited as it sounded like it was leading into be a +44 song, then.......bland.
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