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  1. horchata

    Slow Song

    Thanks man. Girlfriend thinks it's a mix of Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, and Hinder (i don't know who hinder is). It does suck this music isn't mainstream anymore and will likely never get any airtime on a real radio station. Maybe a college radio station, or some indie rock station. Not sure, and I guess I don't care that much. I do wish I could turn on a local station and listen to this genre still.
  2. horchata

    Slow Song

    You guys have always been nice in sharing feedback on my songs. Recently started recording a new record, and this is the first full and complete song. It's different, slow, and honest. I'd love to hear what you all think of it.
  3. Very late 90's early 2000's punk. It's fun!
  4. You've got a lot of potential man. The cover wasn't what I was expecting, as it was kind of half your own and half the original parts. Still, nice work man.
  5. They didn't write any songs.. Feldy wrote the songs for them.
  6. I keep checking on this thread subject to see MELTDOWN ACTIVE again. The only exciting blink news these days is when tom loses it for a couple days. It would be cool to know if they met up though - it sure is an awfully big coincidence that they would both be in a small place in Idaho at the same time without doing so on purpose.
  7. Agree with everything you said, but this is so damn true.
  8. Just got around to watching the full Joe Rogan / Tom interview. Jesus, he really is fucking out there these days. I don't know much about aliens and warp drives and shit, but I'd imagine like 5-10% of the things he said likely have some truth to them, but the way he was twitching, tweaking, and going on and on, he looked like a lunatic. I was cracking up when he said "you're not going to believe it, but there is a connection..... A connection between Atlantis" I miss fat tom.
  9. I almost agree with this, except for WYHSB. That album was great, and I felt like he had a lot of identity then. Though aside from that, you're right. I would replace "balls" with "identity" though.
  10. I could see him releasing a half assed EP and doing a short tour. Tours are great cash cows.
  11. Thanks man! The majority of the songs fast tempo should make for a solid running playlist!
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