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  1. Was really looking forward to a cool song today. What a let down. Bland and unoriginal. I guess this is the reason they hire people to write albums for them now.
  2. @daveyjones and I met up once before he moved out of Cali, and god damn, it was like meeting up with a blink museum curator. Super nice guy too. Seriously is the real deal and probably the best source of old info of blink on these boards.
  3. I decided to clean up all the videos and photos on my phone over the last couple years, and put them behind a song I recorded in August of 2019. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. horchata

    Blink Beer

    Triplehorn in Seattle
  5. horchata

    Blink Beer

    Buddy picked up a 6 pack for me. Stoked to drink this!
  6. I'm glad someone likes it and listens regularly! Thanks a million!
  7. Does anyone know if there is an opening band at the AVA shows?
  8. Been saying this for a while now, but i hope Mark gets kicked out of the band and replaced with Feldy. That’s the real blink!
  9. It's not. Hiring songwriters doesn't count.
  10. Yeah, honestly I wanted to like it as well. The 15 second preview got me a bit excited as I thought the song was going to build up and go somewhere, though it doesn't build into anything. I hate to say it, but it's quite bad.
  11. I made this a while back as a gag, and a lot of people have asked for them. Let me see if I still have the files to do it again.
  12. I forgot - you only like stuff Feldman writes.
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