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  1. I honestly seriously need so badly you to elaborate on this. I'm curious as well!
  2. I'm so glad they picked the Winter Soldier story line for the second Captain America. Should be pretty good. I AM kind of worried about Guardians of the Galaxy though. As badass as it sounds, it seems like a huge movie to pull off. Almost bigger than the Avengers. Looking forward to phase II for sure though.
  3. Thats awesome man. One thing that has annoyed me at the last couple of shows I've gone to is when the same fat fuck stage dives over and over and over throughout the show. I usually don't mind it because that's just a part of the show and I've done it and it's fun and I get all that. But when you've done it more than once for every song played, it gets a little old. Plus I'm not the strongest guy. . that shit gets tiring!
  4. The Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt
  5. Is that the dude from Grandma's Boy?
  6. David, niku, and brenden all mentioned all the bests but some others that I don't think were mentioned: Veara Boys no good (RIP) Crucial Dudes Real Friends Yeah Detroit worthwhile
  7. Haha sorry guys. I did really enjoy Suburbia though - reminded me a lot of their EP and what he wrote to me inside of my copy of Paper Boats: But back to The Story So Far. . . has everyone heard their Journey cover?
  8. Cole

    The NHL thread

    Before this year, I had never been to a hockey game. No one I grew up with really liked it and neither of my parents liked it so I was never really exposed to it growing up. This year I went to my first hockey game (caps game since I just moved to DC) and I loved it. I went to several games this season and I got my first jersey. The Caps became my favorite team. So does that mean I'm a band waggoner too then since the first time I've posted in here was to cheer on the Caps during the playoffs? Also, everyone knows that Niku and Casey aren't the biggest fans of each other. It's understandable that they avoid topics that they know the other posts in constantly. An example of it would be like if Casey was vinyl fan but stayed out of the Blink Board Vinyl Collective thread. But, one day he got a really rare and awesome vinyl and decided to post it up in there.
  9. Alright. Here is my rant on The Wonder Years and The Upsides. Sorry that the thoughts bounce around a lot. I understand that a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but this is just how I feel. I don't feel like it's a bad album. . . it's just no WBPF or GSOI. But, the Album is completely overrated. The lyrics are one of the first things I don't like. It seems like the album is 70% bitching/complaining 27% about wanting to get away and just be with friends 3%"I'm not sad anymore" . I personally can't stand people who complain about pointless things. I don't mind angst, hell that's why I love a lot of different pop punk bands. I loved the lyrics in WBPF. GSOI got a little silly in places, but it was still a solid album and I didn't feel like he was just bitching about stupid things. . . like not liking who he goes to college with (My Last Semester). At least on GSOI if he's bitching about something about it he has more of a "fuck it" attitude (My Geraldine Lies Over The Delaware). I DO agree that the lyrics are easy to relate to - but the lyrics aren't very deep. The song "Hey Thanks" is completely out of place. I don't even understand why that song was put on the album in the first place. The "out of placeness" reminds me of the song "Arrival Notes" on the SYG album except TWY actually have a full out of place song instead a quick interlude song. The album had little replay value for me. It got old after a couple weeks while their previous efforts I was stoked on for months and months. I almost always skip a song from The Upsides when it comes on shuffle, but I still love hearing songs from their previous two albums. I would never dislike a band because of the fans or because of popularity but I honestly can't stand a majority of the fans. I think Soupie even noticed how a lot of people took the album the wrong way "It's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting the sadness win". A lot of fans act like the Wonder Years are the first band to be "positive". I know you guys don't tumble, but after a week on there you will see post after post about The Upsides - but none of these "fans" ever mention their previous two efforts. Both were amazing albums. If The Story So Far follows in their foot steps I really hope Parker's angst doesn't change into whining. I hope they don't throw in a song that sounds completely out of place. "Placeholder", even though it was different than the other songs on the album, still feels like it fits perfectly. If they add a song with a girl singing and Tuba or whatever that is in it then I would be like wtf? I hope their sophomore album has as much replay value as USAD does. Almost I hope they get fans who actually APPRECIATE USAD and their EPs like While You Were Sleeping and The Maker split. I've loved USAD since it came out almost a year ago and can still listen to every track like it's a fresh album.
  10. Haha reminds me of our show. . except we had music. . just no vocals I bet they were prob like 11-12 in 2000 haha. Think and use Google next time! I know, I'm so stupid for thinking that. But if this band follows in the footsteps of TWY, it's sophomore album should be amazing! Although I really can't imagine a better album than Under Soil and Dirt. Every song is perfect. I hope they stay AWAY from following in the steps of The Wonder Years. I'm running late for work but I'll explain why in a few.
  11. Cole

    The NHL thread

    I loved that. Fucking tied. I could see this going into a shoot off. The caps seriously need to keep it out of their territory.
  12. Cole


    8.7. That last one killed me.
  13. Cole

    The NHL thread

    I really hope the caps finish strong tonight. They've been playing great tonight.
  14. They aren't b-sides - when I was at their show a couple weeks ago they said they had just gotten out of the studio. I think it's just the same situation as what happened for when they wrote "The Fallen". Just an in-between album songs that will probably be on the next album.
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