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  1. I know you guys don't follow AVA that much on here, but they have talked about that song being about a young person overdosing. "And slowly fades away, into a river or full of shame But at least numb to the pain, can you see it?" "You're so sad my valentine on your journey to the light". "And we are All that we are Holding on until we fall apart". Kind of obvious tbh.
  2. I can see how that comes across as random, simplistic, shitty lyrics. Especially to Blink fans who are used to Tom's direct lyrics. But, listening to the song, I'm pretty sure it's a subtle way of referring to someone who has overdosed and passed out on the street, and been lying there all night.
  3. The director just posted a photo of the certificate from NASA, stating that the LOVE DVD was flown on the last Space Shuttle Discovery mission (for Mark Eaton). Just thought it was kinda cool, you can even see a picture of the DVD in space. http://instagr.am/p/IyNpeWoGt9/
  4. Spoiler: I'm sure the ending is deliberately vague, but there are a few things that the cube could be, if you know what Tom is into. Look up the "Black Knight Satellite". It's a little known conspiracy theory that before Sputnik first went into space they spotted a satellite was already orbiting the earth, and no one knew where it came from. Then there is a thing that Tom talked about a few years ago, about a machine that records every single event that happens on the planet. Don't ask me why they dropped it in the desert during the Civil War... probably just a way to the two stories together.
  5. Don't want to come across as a snob, but that statement made you look like you had the IQ of a daffodil. I'm sure a lot of smart people will not find this movie to their taste, but if you don't understand why he was "on earth" again (he wasn't), you should either watch it again, or stick to popcorn films.
  6. Just like a lot of independent films.
  7. Loved the movie. You can't deny it is boring in the middle, but I think it works. The guy is alone for 7 years, they needed to get that boredom across. I think the vague ending is amazing. Definitely some 2001 elements in there. And Tom's belief in that machine that records the "memories" of all mankind gets thrown into the mix. And Gunner Wright is good.
  8. Apparently the series is called Fear Itself.
  9. The iTunes chart makes up a good chunk of the Billboard chart, especially for singles. I think it's weird they are releasing digitally and physically over 2 weeks, makes a decent chart position much harder.
  10. Tom relaxing: http://instagr.am/p/RqOir/
  11. Yes it was. And the only people who liked +44 were from a small section of hardcore Blink fans. The fact they couldn't attract ANY fans outside that group (even with more exposure than a lot of smaller bands) should speak for itself.
  12. Ilan Rubin, ex-Lostprophets and NIN. http://www.themusicfix.co.uk/archive/2011/10#15677
  13. Lol, I was trolling in part. But yes, the choruses of Secret Crowds, Feeling This, Always, Time To Break Up, the verses of Anthem Part 2 are all the exact same melody... And there are many more.
  14. It's clear Tom does a lot of recycling on his new album: GOTDF has the same riff as Epic Holiday... Natives has the M&M's, Young London guitar riff... After Midnight has the same guitar riff as half of AVA's songs... Snake Charmer has the Flight Of Apollo/The Machine guitar riff... UAN has the All Systems Go guitar riff... UAN has the Flight Of Apollo vocal melody... Wishing Well has the Not Now guitar riff... This Is Home has the exact same guitar riff as We Are Scientists.
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