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  1. They were so good last night. Literally the best i've seen them since 2004. This bit had me in stitches for the rest of the set: http://instagram.com/recklessabandon88 Second video in.
  2. Fucking awesome. It's too early to be drinking so that's how good he is when not drunk haha
  3. where you see this? have him added on itunes ping and it tells you what people bought on it
  4. how do you even know this lol? Have him added on that weird itunes ping and it tells you what people buy
  5. Mark bought Dick Lips on itunes 5 hours ago. I wonder if thats the acoustic song for tonight
  6. Mark bought Dick Lips on itunes 5 hours ago. I wonder if thats the acoustic song for tonight
  7. i'm now a Crystal Palace fan and will go to every home game from this day forward
  8. http://recklessabandon09.tumblr.com/post/27089196929/so-yeah-i-wasnt-very-close-tonight-at-all few of the photos from tonight in Liverpool taken by yours truly! thought it was really cool how Jack was sat watching his dad so carefully singing every word to reckless abandon
  9. if they did, it didn't air; however, AFI's cover of just like heaven did and it's amazing. I thought on Sunday they said they'd only ever played it the once before, which to my knowledge was the Wembley Arena show with Robert Smith back in 2004?
  10. nooo. just plain black everything. right little emo hahah
  11. Video of all of this when I get home in bout 30mins
  12. hahah thanks! You have to change quality **Change quality in video window as for some reason it doesn't automatically play in HD** here's reckless abandon In hd and here's Wasting Time in HD
  13. so i'm now home. Currently uploading Reckless Abandon, then i'll do HD version of Wasting Time for yall!
  14. Ill try and get hd version up and reckless abandon when I get home as well
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