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MTV Diary Blink 182 [2000] - The Long Road Home - Entire Vid


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Good evening fellow blinkites,

I am desperately DESPERATELY looking for this most amazing documentary, which, nowadays, it does not exist anymore on YouTube (nor anywhere else, so it seems) in its entirety. It runs 22 minutes long, it begins with Blink's tour through Europe (with Tom really sick), then goes to Poway to show the daily lives of the 3 members, then finishes off with the 2000 VMA's and the famous concert with the "little people".

Does anybody have this to share OR know of its whereabouts? (PS: Speedo, one of the members here, already kindly helped me to find whatever's available on YouTube but...it's no good; there is only some flenched parts of it 😕🙁

Thanks a bunch for your help, y'all.


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Hello Brad, thanks for your reply

Yeah, later on I figured out the 2 were not actually the same. So, yes, what I am looking for exactly is the MTV Diary episode of 2000.
My question is for those that happen to have the full archive, instead of separate in 2 pieces, with japanese/chinese subtitles (idk which; maybe it is Kanjii, which makes it difficult to say if it is one language or the other).

Anyways, thanks a lot man

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