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    This looks like a similar option. There's a bunch of em now.. I think I like the idea that Logic is apple based/similar to GarageBand which I'm familiar with so I'm probably going to go with that.
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    Someone else can chime in from a technical perspective, I am definitely not an audiophile and have a super cheap set-up - so amazing/different quality isn't why I buy them personally. I buy them simply because I like the huge album art/colored records, and it's just neat to throw on a Blink record and feel old school about it. I also enjoy how it pretty much forces you to listen to the entire album in order, which is refreshing at times. This also makes me be quite picky on what albums I will buy on vinyl, as they need to be pretty special front to back.
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    music can be mastered for any format just like movies can be finished for theatrical projection or home viewing on a tv. it doesn't matter what year it was made or what the norm was. in the grand scheme of things, it's all subjective. i'd say there are equally good arguments for both sides. so, it comes down to preference.
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    Check out ableton live. Its awesome with midi stuff, also easy to record into it.
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    Luther is class, if you like Line of Duty you will 100% like that - surprised you haven't seen it already to be honest. Me and the missus started Line of Duty series 4 last night, did 4 eps in a row - wanted more but it was pushing midnight. Not seen Happy Valley yet.
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    Go watch some grown men kick some balls around with @Scott. as they pretend to get shot with the first sign of contact
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    @Scott. Look how much he wants to be Liam Gallagher, got the coat and the same hair as well now...
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    Any of you Brits (or Yanks) ever watched Line of Duty? made by same fella who did The Bodyguard, absolutely class television. There are four six episode series so plenty to get through as well.
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    you bring up a pretty interesting point in which my opinion where alot of the turmoil and drama starts. travis joins the band enema is huge FSAS launches. its his line w friends blink plays store opening. mark/tom launch atticus/macbeth/loserkids blinks on the dragging the lake samplers everyone supports everyones stuff becomes a very family esque were all making tons of money our fans are eating this up let the good times roll. you look at a band like rancid that has side projects galore with every member. lars and the bastards, transplants, devils brigade, tim's solo stuff, they all collab on those projects support eachother and rancid fans have had a "new release" almost every year for quite some time because of that supportive environment. there was a disconnect that happened with blink that no longer allowed that internal support. you wonder if you go back in time to that 04 europe tour and they arent fighting, tom simply tells them i want to do a more space rock-tinged side project this year lets connect w blink in a year and do some different stuff. could have been a whole different ball game.
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    heads up for those interested: WYHSB is finally getting a great release on vinyl, courtesy of SRC. plus color variants matching the OG release https://www.srcvinyl.com/44-when-your-heart-stops-beating-green-lp.html
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    Yeah, I know but its a kids zone with a corny name ... so par for the course. Also, Blink don't talk on stage anymore and they play pop music, they're practically the fucking Wiggles.
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    I would actually go to this, especially if Tom was still in it would travel to see. Pretty good lineup there. Edit: just saw 'Travis and Feldy present'. Fml, going to suck. Travis kids will probably be the guest feature like anyone cares.
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    Even as a huge blink fan, that's hard to disagree with.
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    Yep! I was so hyped at that point. SIGH.
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    Bohemian Rhapsody is the most overrated song of all time, and Queen are a fucking shit band.
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    If you saw it for the first time, what did you think of the special effects? Aliens is a classic, just watch the special edition which is considerably longer (and the director prefers it too). Few movies manage to maintain tension that high for almost three hours. I still don't understand how they managed to pull off the queen with '80s tech. Alien 3 is kinda downbeat and unnecessary, even boring, but it has its moments (and some of the worst effects in the series). Resurrection is pretty good with the right mindset; it's got a French director (the same guy who directed Amélie actually) and the script was written by Joss Whedon (although he's denounced the film many times since). It's got some dark humor, which many saw as unfitting to the franchise, but I've come to appreciate it over the years. Prometheus is kind of a mess with a lot of bullshit and characters you couldn't care less about (Rapace is particularly annoying), but it's made better by the much-superior sequel, Covenant, which is easily the best movie in the franchise since Aliens. It's really unsettling, creepy and brutal, and Fassbender delivers one of the best performances of all time.
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