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  1. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Anakin didnt defeat a sith lord til his 3rd movie which was a decade and a half after Phantom Menace. He got his arm chopped off effortlessly by Dooku in the 2nd movie. He was a good pilot and decent Jedi, but like Luke, he wasn't equally powerful to the main dark side force user. Ghent keeps deflecting the argument. No one complains about Rey flying or using the force. Its that she's already beaten the main villain two out of two times, including the first time she ever turned on a lightsaber. I guess Ep 9 will have to clear up this "force equal" thing because I sure as hell dont get it.
  2. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Luke got belittled and had his ass kicked multiple times in the first movie and got guidance from Obi Wan after he died. So after 2 hrs of screen time he cant pilot an X-wing? That's different than Rey defeating a powerful sith lord/jedi. It took Luke 3 movies to do that. Anakin grew up in a horrible environment, arguably worse than Rey and everyone complains about him too. Btw I like Rey, but the fact is she has never been beaten at anything. Her not being able to save Han Solo or Luke isnt really a knock against her. Ive never heard that one before...thats like saying Luke should have saved Obi Wan in Ep 4. Well he's more interesting and complex than Rey especially after the Last Jedi. (A better actor too). He was good enough in Ep7, not great though. ------- And people need to drop the sexist angle lol. All of these supposed sexists would agree Carrie Fischer is better than Hayden Christenson. Then the "blinded by nostalgia" line gets pulled out. But its OK to like the OT (77-83) more than prequels (99-05). Its also OK to bash Lucas for 30 years, but not Abrams and Rian Johnson. You cant win with these people and their warped logic.
  3. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    The difference with Anakin is that we already know he becomes Darth Vader. That prequel character has been criticised for almost 20 years for a lot of reasons and he still got his ass kicked in Ep2 and 3. (And Han doesnt even use the force so that dumb girls post makes zero sense.) Kylo Ren is such a great character and I like Rey but its going to be sad seeing this come to an end. The key to this trilogy is Kylo Ren though. They cant just do a Rey beats Kylo Ren ending. If anything, it should be the opposite lol, he's the one who couldnt beat her the first 2 times.
  4. NBA

    How is Carmelo Anthony still in the league. The guy is a complete joke. The highlight of his career is when KG said his wife tastes like honey nut cheerios!
  5. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Whether or not Kathleen Kennedy is a scapegoat, Im glad its happening and it shows they expect more out of these movies. I dont know what to expect for Episode 9. I dont know if they botched certain characters like Finn, who was a total afterthought in Last Jedi. Rey also seems to be less important than Kylo Ren. I expected them to make the hero the most interesting but it turns out that the Solo/Skywalker blood is still the standout star. Adam Driver is the best actor by a long shot. Its laughable comparing him to Carrie Fisher or all the other happy-to-be-there actors.
  6. Feldmann

    Hey don't get mad at me because I have the inside scoops. I correctly predicted that Travis and Shanna were grooming their kids for the music and entertainment industry. Each have released songs. Next up is the reality tv show.
  7. Feldmann

    I watched a Travis interview where it was brought up. Feldmann, the guy who produces boy bands and goes in hot tubs with them (and who Tom Delonge refuses to work with), is producing an album for Travises daughter. I havent even mentioned the Ricegum videos with 15 million views on youtube. Its just a running joke at this point. I have no reason to defend myself lol
  8. Feldmann

    Dont listen to these mental cases lol. Ive seen them call guys pedos for thinking a grown 25 year old woman was hot (who looked kind of young) O and apparently its weird that im aware of the fact that Feldmann is producing an album for Travises daughter.
  9. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    I think the Star Wars prequel and sequel trilogies are fairly criticized. Each for different reasons. They have their pros and cons, but mostly just cant recapture the OT magic. I think its nearly impossible at this point. They would need to catch lightning in a bottle. Great story, director, acting, etc. Speaking of the Jar Jar guy, remember the kid who played Anakin in Ep1 is like schizophrenic now or something. Im hoping these problems are more because of being disappointed in themselves in a billion dollar franchise than people actually hating and being assholes to them. They dont deserve that obviously. Ill hate on Jar Jar/Anakin characters and laugh at jokes about them, but the actors are great people to me.
  10. Mark the Military Advisor??

    That's a really smart idea. Mark doesnt know what type of camera Saddam was using so even if it didnt work or was far fetched, you could build other ideas off of it. The way they caught Osama was interesting, for example. He was a tall man and the 6ft+ walls on one part of this expensive house was one of the giveaways.
  11. Feldmann

    Yeah its really weird how a lot of rock band dads do this. Its guys like Travis, Feldman, guys with less morals who do it. Where did he post this, I cant find it?
  12. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Great news!!! Good riddance!! Its time for a change. She brings nothing to the table, I have no idea how she was put in charge of this whole thing Maybe she was banging Rian Johnson and thats why he got signed for a trilogy of his own?
  13. NBA

    Cousins is an asshole, cant stand that guy. There's no way the Spurs trade Kawhi to the Lakers right? They are just screwing themselves, but maybe they have no choice. Hopefully they make him play. Is he really gonna sit out 2 straight years?
  14. The only time I have a problem with labels influencing rock bands is when they are already well established. Like blink 182 with Neighborhoods. I can sort of see Scott's POV depending on the reasons.. Like if he didnt want the music to totally change or something. If his heart wasnt in it, then thats OK. But still, sometimes its better to hold on a little longer in life. At least Scott wasnt like Jackie from the Howard Stern show thinking he could make more money elsewhere and failing..and missing out on 5x salary just a few years later lol
  15. I wonder if his age had to do with anything. I've always been surprised how young he was being in the band (14 years old). I don't even think he's in his 40s yet. As far as looks, he looked like a normal guy to me. Travises rock star tattoos and crazy appearance help in this business, but if Scott was as good as Travis, the band would have been just as successful probably.