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  1. Jurassic World

    It was absolutely terrible! What a letdown! The acting, characters, plot all suck! The night I watched this actually got ruined because I didnt think there was any chance it could be bad. The guy who directed this was originally supposed to do Star Wars Episode 9 but his script was so bad they had to fire him.
  2. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    Tom's a very busy man. That's why he has to schedule a studio day 6 weeks in advance
  3. The Wrestling Topic

    The New Day entrance was hilarious. First the Power Rangers thing on the trombone, then midgets dressed like pancakes! I was cracking up when 2 of them started doing the worm outside the ring! Also it was pretty funny seeing goofball Kurt put Steph in the ankle lock after hesitating for a while lol.
  4. The Wrestling Topic

    Sooo long. Rousey was awesome surprisingly. Pretty much everything was good on its own. Wow @ that main event. Brock with those 2 awesome reversals..the knee then the final F5. The stupid crowd didnt see it coming at all. Romans going to have a massive headache after those 3 or so elbows lol
  5. The Wrestling Topic

    I have a feeling the Rousey match is going to be a trainwreck lol but Im looking forward to the rest of the card. Nxt was awesome. I had to miss ROH since their site wasnt working. Im glad since it ended up being over 4.5 hrs long. I wish I watched Joey Janelas Spring Break 2. Its one of those weird crazy shows but I might check it out next week.
  6. I dont expect to see it on Netflix. Disney is going to have its own streaming service in 2 or 3 years. I think the only Star Wars stuff they had has been the tv show and Rogue One. Maybe the cgi movie too
  7. The Wrestling Topic

    Well WM week is upon us. The pre show matches have been announced. The 2 Battle Royals and the Cruiserweight match. I might sign up for ROHs streaming service just to watch their ppv on saturday. Idk if thatll be too much wrestling for me with Nxt and a marathon 5 hr mania...
  8. I bought the 4k steelbook from Best Buy and I dont even have a 4k tv or 4k blu ray player. I just didnt want the dvd that comes with the regular blu ray steelbook. So thatll be a fun viewing in a few years My opinion on the movie didnt change on a 2nd viewing. Ill watch it a few more times soon, but Im mostly looking forward to the special features right now! I really like the stuff with Luke, Kylo Ren, and Rey, but the crappy humor and dialogue is still awful. I expect much of the same for Episode 9. Its going to be a mixed bag. They will never recapture the magic of the originals unfortunately
  9. The Tom DeLonge Meltdown Watch 2018 (Meltdown subsided)

    That $200 could be used to buy stock in a real company such as Apple trading at $167 today! The scary thing is the average investment per person in TTS is over $800. You could be getting a ~10% annual return in the stock market instead! Also is Tom going to start posting some UFO videos. All Ive seen in the last 4 months is crappy footage of a dot moving and pilots yelling "woah!"
  10. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    This reminded of that 2003 Dolla Bill show in Toronto where Tom was sick and barely had any voice, so they switched to a couple extra Mark songs
  11. Looking to buy - Blink Shortbus w/letter of hope!

    There must have been a lot of TCTCU pressed originally because they have such little value. They're from 1996 but are barely more expensive than one from 2010-2014
  12. Blink 182 Boycotts Fed-Ex

    I live in reality, not twitterland Pistols are smaller guns, but are easily concealable and kill people all the time. A hunting rifle will still kill a human. Most of these shooters have multiple weapons. So instead of an Ar-15 and 2 pistols, they can just carry 4 pistols. Whats the difference And boycotting Fedex is totally useless. I wont even get started on that. Btw they can ban "assault style" weapons and I dont care. But these "movements" are just silly
  13. Blink 182 Boycotts Fed-Ex

    Banning a scary looking gun like the AR 15 (which doesnt stand for Assault Rifle), will just make it so all shootings will occur with multiple pistols and hunting rifles. As for FedEx, I love the phony finance experts who point out how much Fedex lost in the stock market yesterday which was over a billion dollars or 2.2% But the entire market was down over 1% and UPS went down by almost the same exact percentage as FedEx. And people think this silly movement can go after Amazon, Google etc which are worth 750 Billion dollars LOL!
  14. Blink 182 Boycotts Fed-Ex

    Not $urprising. Mark is a known hollywood vegan liberal. Gotta appease the twitter and in$tagram ha$htag heroe$. Its the $afe, $mart approach
  15. Looking to buy - Blink Shortbus w/letter of hope!

    Mine has GOLDEN on it as well, but from what Ive seen, these have practically no extra value. Maybe ten dollars? I would have been better off putting that money towards a red eye Chesire Cat which go for around $100 and looks better since its full size