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  1. You know, Dan, I had a different concept of you, but now I get it. If it is something you don't like, then it is a piece of garbage, or overrated. I just can't stand people who don't know what does 'taste' means. That's OK, I have a few friends who don't like blink-182 and they think they are a piece of garbage, but they like U2.... so. On the other hand, as Cheerios said, Feldmann can fuck off.
  2. You don't like it, and that's ok, but to say 'overrated piece of shit'... just wrong.
  3. Someone posted that Tom modified his FB bio with: "working at blink-182". But I'm not sure if it is true.
  4. Even the woaaahhh's is there!
  5. Tom or not Tom, they definitely need a new producer. If that doesn't happen, we will have California part 3.
  6. Why haven't anyone complained about the same fucking riff that Matt uses? At the very beginning of the song, he is using the Bored to Death riff, fifth time now. We were all bitching DeLonge for "ripping off himself" from past songs, and Skiba is doing the same... on the same album. No, no Tombot here, I like Cali and Deluxe is promising, just surprised no one has talked about it!
  7. CreepyFaggot69 hahaha it has to be a joke.
  8. Why would you do that?
  9. Stop it MattSkibbaSucks
  10. That's awesome, Kay. My first impression of blink were their untitled videos on MTV, after that I got home and downloaded a random song from them (Dumpweed, I remember). I fell in love with that song, that I bought Enema of the State, and everything started. Months ago, the band broke up. I registered on this forum and I have been a member since that time. Daily reading it, but not always writing. I remember the AVA hype on this forum. We were all exited! It is impressive how the hype was decreasing and now almost no one gives a shit about AVA.
  11. Woah, First Date drums in there... Same riff of many California songs... WTF is wrong with you, blink?
  12. Please let us know if he talks something about Tom's revelations.
  13. Parking Lot is a typical pop punk song from a generic "blink" wannabe band. Thing is, I was not expecting blink to do that!
  14. Haha from all of their catalog, they've just picked one Tom's song. Good sketch though.