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  1. Fox News idea of Obama scandals: he ordered Dijon mustard he wore a tan suit he said happy holidays instead of merry Christmas
  2. Saying he almost started a nuclear war is an exaggeration probably, and I know you guys still claim Trump isn't racist. Everything else Tom said is true. These aren't liberal talking points, they're true.
  3. And Trump claimed the he was going to get rid of the committee of arts and humanities when in reality everyone quit. Nobody in the administration has any credibility. Especially Trump. Especially Bannon. It's legitimately sad that you can be triggered by anything from CNN. All of those things mentioned in the video happened. In the last 4 weeks. It could have been Telemundo reporting it. These things happened.
  6. This. And that goes for caring that they exist so much you want it torn down, and it goes for caring so much that they're torn down. There are bigger things to worry about. That goes for those worked up about biased media and Starbucks cups too.
  7. Some day soon you'll act like you never voted for Trump.
  8. Is this a BLM leader or some racism bitch?
  9. Wasn't the Dallas shooter black balled from black groups for being too extreme? You keep saying he was a member of BLM but I'm pretty sure he shootings took place at a BLM rally he attended but he wasn't actually a member. BLM then came out and condemned him for the shooting. Whereas alt right groups have praised the guy who ran over the protestors last weekend. So there's a bit of a difference there.
  10. A couple things first: There are a lot of things I don't know about the timelines and who he met up with from BLM and their rolls. I also find there to be absolutely zero comparison between BLM and neo-Nazi's. We've already gone over that and I don't think we need to further, but that's where I'm coming from and it obviously influences my feelings. As you have alluded to, I'm anti BLM group. I do not take offense to Obama meeting with them, just like I didn't take offense to Obama meeting with Putin. It's just being diplomatic. It's being a leader. You can sit down and listen to people you disagree with and I think that's a good thing. Now, I know you believe Obama added fuel to the fire with his addresses in response to young black men being killed by police. I would say that condemning those police officers shouldn't have to be followed up with "but not all cops..." because it's obvious that it's not all cops. But then we also must take into account that the average American is stupid and maybe things really do need to be spelled out so clearly. Obama got a lot of flack for the "it could have been my son" response to Treyvon Martins killing. But isn't it true? I think it's fair to expect Obama to leave it at their door when he's the president but the guy is black and I don't think he's above feeling pain when he perceives prejudice against his race. Blame him for that I guess, but I wouldn't. If he could have come out against all the godamn looting and godamn blocking of traffic that would have been great. Against things like "kill all cops" (though I don't know if those were just random members, or leaders. Whether it's some crazy ass official stance on cops or what) That's where he dropped the ball.
  11. Yeah man, we get it. It's been obvious for a while.
  12. I knew it! @Ghent @Olidamus @Nasa @Dylan_ @Jane @Janinator @JarJarBlinks @Osgod @CC182 @Kay @Clarke's Inner Child @Raxy! @Champ182 @_Kyle_ @knapton @Speedo @vic vinegar @Nosferatu @Since88 @Clarkerpes @boxelder @Ghost @thongrider @ungroovy @MSandt @Boring.........Alright @NotNow @ryan1125 @Cheerios4u98 @Patient #48273
  13. Got you
  14. I did it! @Ghent @Clarke @Nasa @Dylan_ @Jane @JarJarBlinks @Janinator @Osgod @CC182 @Kay @Clarke's Inner Child @Raxy! @Champ182 @_Kyle_ @knapton @Speedo @vic vinegar @Nosferatu @Since88 @Clarkerpes @boxelder @Ghost @thongrider @ungroovy @MSandt@Boring.........Alright @NotNow @ryan1125 @Cheerios4u98@Patient #48273