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  1. NBA

    Want to answer the question?
  2. NBA

    Would you have maxed Harrison Barnes?
  3. NBA

    And losing in the Finals sure ain’t 16-1
  4. NBA

    16-1 playoff run ”You were better last year when you lost!”
  5. NBA

    With Paul out this may the first time an injury actually effects the outcome of a Warriors series. Dont care. I’d rather win without Paul than lose with Paul.
  6. NBA

    How many times last night did Durant have a midget on him, dribble for 5 seconds to allow help to come and stop him?
  7. NBA

    35 ppg, Finals MVP. There’s a little more to point to than the transition 3
  8. NBA

    Almost forgot the bullshit non travel among all the Warrior fuck ups
  9. NBA

    I read your whining and hit quote within about 3 seconds, so not realy
  10. NBA

    When you win you want more. You wouldn’t understand.
  11. Blink Vegas Residency

    Pretty sure he doesn't want to listen in "support"
  12. Blink Vegas Residency

    Have you ever done anything that wasn't perfect?
  13. NBA

    https://streamable.com/hmovk Klay hit that and it was taken away. In the 2nd Steph picked up his 3rd foul on a super weak call with 5 minutes left, had to come out, and Houston immediately went on a run. But stay composed, move the ball, hit shots. They can blame themselves.
  14. NBA

    Warriors sure are lucky they're so good because their assholes pucker in close games
  15. NBA

    Yeah, I mean the Warriors are better with Harrison Barnes than Durant, how are they beating a 65 win team by 41? FIX!