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  1. LeeannTweedenUSMC


    Whether or not they're as good with a decent replacement, it's going to be super difficult to find one when they're already over the cap. The thought of him leaving is so weird to me. Golden State offers the most money, the best place to live, the best team, a selfless superstar to play with and what will be the newest most state of the art arena in the league. But somehow, he didn't anticipate the shit he got for joining. Somehow, he doesn't know why he still gets shit. He's a weird dude, so who knows what he's thinking.
  2. LeeannTweedenUSMC


    I take it all back
  3. LeeannTweedenUSMC

    Meet the Barkers

    This show had the first glimpse of +44, right?
  4. LeeannTweedenUSMC

    Bohemian Rhapsody Queen biopic

    I know Sacha Baron Cohen’s plans for the movie fell apart because the living members were not interested in it being gritty and also wanted it to be about them to the point of Freddie dying like half way through the movie. There’s a radio spot for it that plays where one of the band calls Freddie a legend and Freddie responds “we’re all legends” and my immediate thought was that this was what SBC warned us about.
  5. LeeannTweedenUSMC


    They won’t rest more than a handful of games. The worry I think would be a ding here and there that they could probably play through, but Kerr doesn’t chance it. Like I said - 75 each. That accounts for rest.
  6. LeeannTweedenUSMC


    If the Warriors big 4 all play 75+ games they might challenge 74 wins. They’re finally all being themselves together. Curry especially.
  7. LeeannTweedenUSMC


    You should be praying for Westbrook’s decision making in 4th quarters
  8. LeeannTweedenUSMC


    Steph goin for that 3rd MVP
  9. LeeannTweedenUSMC

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch (Meltdown ACTIVE!)

    We're going to invent fucking time travel and also a sweet 90 minute R rated animated movie.
  10. LeeannTweedenUSMC

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch (Meltdown ACTIVE!)

    First we talk about Tom's weight, then his hair, then his teeth. Now we think he has ass implants??
  11. LeeannTweedenUSMC


  12. LeeannTweedenUSMC

    We need to talk about Matt Skiba

    "Didn't buy promotion" We just call that "promotion"
  13. LeeannTweedenUSMC

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Mark was interviewed for a documentary coming out on The Matches.
  14. LeeannTweedenUSMC

    MLB/ Baseball Thread

    If the A’s win the World Series I could day the next day and you wouldn’t even have to mourn me because my life had meaning