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  1. So you haven't been paying attention, see something that fits your narrative, and come here to ask why isn't anyone paying attention?
  2. Not the point
  3. Trump campaigned on "nobody will lose coverage" and now they're trying to pass a bill that will see over 20 million people lose coverage. But I don't see you discussing that
  4. The emoloyees were forced out and the story was retracted.
  5. NBA

    Well the right move was to keep Butler and fire GarPax, but that wasn't going to happen.
  6. NBA

    Boston has had 2 years to make an offer
  7. NBA

    The longer they wait the less they would have gotten. They backed themselves against the wall and everyone knew they were going to trade him. Not sure who else you think they should have gotten. Teams aren't going to trade their future for Butler just to be creamed by the Warriors. Drafting the wrong guy at 7 and including 16 was where the trade went wrong for Chicago.
  8. NBA

    The effort level was definitely there for opening night. The quality was meh to be generous.
  9. NBA

    I think White Chicolate might have torn his ACL on opening night of Big 3
  10. Mitch McConnell did the same thing with the bill that allowed the Us to sue other countries for 9/11. Republicans tried to pass it, Obama vetoed it with a hand written letter explaining why it's a bad idea. Republicans pushed it through anyways, Obama said fuck it, and then McConnell blamed Obama for not vetoing it again.
  11. NBA

    Jordan Bell early ROY favorite?
  12. NBA

    Butler's personal trainer The problem with the whole situation was that it had gotten to the point they pretty much had to trade Butler. Now, once that was for sure going to happen, I actually thought the return was pretty good. The Bulls of course then went and selected the wrong player at 7.
  13. http://time.com/4829103/mitch-mcconnell-protest-senate-health-care-bill/
  14. So, the amended health care plan as been released