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Found a Penny

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So this song is basically about this dude that doesn't want to get married, but the night is so beatiful that he can't help but propose on that night cuz he knows that such a perfect night will never come again. And they will go on with it even if it's just a lie and it might just bring them down. Cliché and lame, I know, but I sort of like it. It was semi-inspired by La La Land. 


Found a Penny


Verse 1

Found a penny in my wallet
Put another flower in my hat
One could say the sky was starlit
or whatever you might call it
when the night looks just like that

The smell requires, the air proposes
An engagement you've been waiting for
It''s nothing like a boquet of roses
It's much less, yet so much more

And I don't mean to pry
No need to make us cry
It's only the fools that play it cool
Sure I'm not one of the kings
and you can take me for a lot of things
but you wouldn't dare to take me for a fool

And when it's sad and done
you're either out running
or you're on the run


Verse 2

And though it's possible I can't pretend
that the spark is fading with the night
I sure don't want it to end
but I don't know if I can defend
putting darkness into someone else's light

The day declines, the night's arriving
Could it then be something that's unsaid?
What a time to be alive in
Full of envy of those who are dead

And if it means something
It might not be a dumb thing
it might not be anything at all
You understand you won't stand under
a sky that's filled with bliss and wonders
But how did it get to be so blissfully wondeful?

And when it's all been said
Can anyone blame the living
for not wanting to be dead?

Verse 3

And if the night ends with a kiss
Will it just be another show?
Can we just end up like this?
Ignorant of our own bliss
Unaware of all we do not know

Maybe lying is more honest
Cuz the truth hurts, and hurting's bad
And if that's so I'm gonna promise
that I'll lie just to not make you sad

And no one carries more deceit
And no one is more sweet
than the moon when there's no one around
Cuz if it works out for us
There'll be no more doubt for us
Just a chorus without words or sound


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