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Everybody Wants to Be a Catastrophe

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Verse 1

Years from now I'm gonna look back 
And years from that I'm gonna look back again
On how I lost my track
And tried to find way back again
I captivate those thoughts
Imprison them and impeach them
But as soon as they are caught
I don't think I'll ever reach them


It's a fairytale
The Grimm reaper oh yeah
It's adventure time
but I guess it's deeper oh yeah oh no


I've tried so many times
to read between the lines
but I don't think my brain really got there
I thought I would've known it
where I was at the moment
but it turns out that I was not there
Now I gotta think of another way
Look at it differently as they say
Maybe I will get a different answer
Because what I do now just won't work
And I the more I try the more I hurt
And who knows what I'm really after

Verse 2

Some years ago tried to look forth
And things never turned out as I imagined
And time after time it all fell short
Like a loser in a beauty pageant
And I must revisit all my goals
and my biggest mistake and what caused it
And search through my pocket holes
I'm sure I had something there before I lost it


It's a tragedy
Shakesparian daydream oh yeah
It's a travesty
A wake up call for those who may dream oh yeah oh no


I guess it's just a parenthesis
Nothing more and nothing less
I don't know what I meant of this
It's not much, I guess
And it's just an apostrophe
A hammer on the nail
Everybody wants to be a catastrophe 
But nobody wants to fail

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