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Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Catastrophe! New thongy material!

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I recorded both a demo version and a basement rabbit version of this little song. And I'm giving you all the choice to listen to one of them! The demo one is an acoustic folk version, while the basement rabbit one is a fuller version! You also have the choice not to listen to any of them!

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So I'm making a double EP! It's called Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Catastrophe, because they do! A new mix of Found a Penny (look above) will be on it. The tracklist might change, but here it is

Side A (On the safe side)

1 Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Catastrophe
2 Found a Penny
3 Changing the game (with Every Card)
4 Minnie Mae
5 How Much it Would Take

B (On the wild side)

1 Things You Can't Remember
2 Where Time Stands Still
3 Lying Awake
4 Witzelsucht
5 Drømmen

I'm gonna write a bit about each song later tonight.

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Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Catastrophe:

I tried to make an alternative rock opener. The song is about failure and reflection on the past. It's about how it's cool to be a fuck up, but it's not really that cool to be a failure. I think it turned out a pretty cool opening track

Found a Penny

This was the first song I wrote for the EP and the first one I posted. The EP version has an extra piano track than the Basement Rabbit mix!

Changing the Game

This is a song about betrayal and it's a little garage pop punk ditty. Pretty dumb stuff, but I guess it's somewhat enjoyable. At least to me!

Minnie Mae

A love story from 1911 that's supposed to sound like it's from 1958. I guess this is the catchiest track on the EP

How Much It Would Take

Another very early track. It's a bit whiny and depressing, but so is life. I think it's probably the most failed song on the record. I had troubles singing the crap, so I sound like I'm drunk or something, but it sort of fits to the theme of the song, so I kept it on. It was originally gonna be the second song, but I didn't want such a shitty song that early.

Things You Can't Remember

An art rock/New wave type of thing. I feel like I'm rapping in it and i can't make out what I'm saying even knowing the words. I actually like it a lot though, but I dunno if I would be that into it if someone else made it, but it's fun to me to make really weird shit. 

Where Time Stands Still

An Acepella song about how it feels like to be home during the summer.

Lying Awake

This song is about lying awake. Lying awake and thinking about shit, and fooling yourself basically. Like many songs on the EP it's about lies and deceit, but this one is about deceiving yourself.


This song has a whole lot of bullshit, but only one chord.


This one is the only Norwegian song on the EP and it continues the bedtime theme of the previous songs. It's a song a song about dreaming and living in your own little dreamworld and pretending things are gonna be ok. It's basically a lullaby for myself and my sanity. 

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The cover art!

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