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The End of the Year

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Verse 1

The end of the year seems to only bring fear
Like a stranger with subpar elves
We sit on the sidelines, ignoring the guidelines
And we become dangers to ourselves
The tainted roses or overdoses
on loneliness, anger and pride
From the moment we are born, we are taught to mourn
until it seems like it's us who have died


During summer I shake and I wake
And I think it all might be a mistake
The warmth in the weather 
don't make me together
It only drives me further apart
And ever little thought of forever
Is another punch to the heart

Verse 2

The end of the year is getting so near
I almost lost count when it started
We value and cherish what we hold dearest
so much we almost forget to guard it
We start alone and we die on our own
But in life we're all part of something
We're in the center, but it seems like we enter
as we're getting into the heart of something


During the winter I freeze and I sneez
I almost get down on my knees
The snow in the distance
wo'n't get my assistance
It only means another start
And every little attempt at resistance
is another pundh to the heart

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