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  1. raw footage of a disaster...lol T-shirt 1: I WENT TO NEVER-PANTS RANCH AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS RASH T-shirt 2: **Picture** Agony Via Asshole (AVA) ****Georggin looks like Emilio Estevez! ******
  2. Can someone rip it? That would be rad.
  3. I'm starting to re-upload my blink vids to youtube. My old account (w/ 300+ vids) got deleted a while back, so I'm going to try to make a come back with this one. The Urethra Chronicles 1 & 2 were added a few days back. http://www.youtube.com/user/unconsciousalert182
  4. that would be awesome. 'twas an awesome concert
  5. I did, and the tickets were sold out on the site. I tried at 5:02 and they were sold out. Yay, for my luck.
  6. LaVerdadEstaAqui, can you hook me with that ticketmaster phone # ? The only # I have is the charge-by-phone one. I wanna be able to talk to someone.
  7. nook are you buying them through the fan site, or through ticketmaster?
  8. ya, I'm goin to try that. Do you think they'll have them?? Holy shit, I tried at 10:04 am and they were sold out. 4 friggin minutes and I was too late! (the downfall of my life)
  9. Alright I know that the show already sold out. However, on the AVA fan site http://armyofangels.tickets.musictoday.com/AngelsandAirwaves/calendar.aspx it says that pre-sale tickets go on sale at 5:00 p.m today (w/ membership of $30). Do those tickets still exist? Can I still purchase them? Please I need your help on this one!!!
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