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  1. Completed it and loved it, not sure what the beef is tbh.

    I actually enjoyed the second half nearly as much of the first, was quite cool seeing the other side of the story. Really can't see how it was enough for people to not finish it/delete/snap their discs in half for attention - fucking pathetic.

    I will def play through it again in the next few months.

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  2. Think we might end up getting relegated and to be honest I don't really give a toss if we do.

    Club is run like a fucking circus and l take the pain of relegation to fuck our terrible owners. Over his two spells at the club Moyes had a worse win percentage than Avram Grant (who relegated us in his only season at the club)

  3. On 5/18/2020 at 5:15 AM, Russel Coight said:

    Honestly 10 is great. It’s the best of the turn based combat. You can switch party members in battle which makes levelling everyone way easier. The skill tree system (I can’t remember what it’s called in this game) is pretty cool too.


    On 5/18/2020 at 11:05 PM, M!ke said:

    I love X, once you get your own giant Mech, that game gets so fuckin satisfying.

    I fucking love 10, it's my favourite one after 7. Combat is great and the sphere grid is one of my favourite ways to level up, especially when you use the advanced one that gives you more flexibility to customise how you level up your characters.

    I also really liked the story, didn't think it was that bad at all...

  4. On 5/17/2020 at 1:58 AM, Russel Coight said:

    I did everything I could. Replayed the whole game on hard mode and got that platinum trophy. Loved it. You haven’t finished the story yet?

    I've finished the story now and am now up to chapter 6 on hard. Just making sure I get everything I missed in the first playthrough and checking stuff online as I didn't use any guides on my first playthrough.

    Really enjoyed it but fighting Sephiroth in Midgar just felt wrong. 

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  5. Left my flat for my daily exercise today and walking down to the seafront there was a group of people outside their house blasting 'California' (the song itself) from a speaker, was happy to hear blink being rapped but also equally disappointed that it was one of their worst songs...

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  6. On 4/9/2020 at 7:00 AM, Russel Coight said:

    There’s 40+ hours worth of gameplay. They’ve fleshed a lot out. It’s a full game.

    I'm quite deep into this now, did you do all the side quests and the research to get the new materia? I'm currently on level 48 at the Shinra battle simulator where I've been doing some serious levelling up. Need to try and take down Bahmaut but he's a right little cunt.

  7. On 5/4/2020 at 4:41 PM, Ghent said:

    Anyone watching The Last Dance? really enjoying it so far..brings me back to a good time period and fun remembering the greatness of MJ

    I am watching and enjoying a lot. Obviously didn't grow up watching basketball but I love a sports icon/controversy doc (like the Aaron Hernandez one for example) even if i dont watch the sport itself regularly.

    Would MJ be regarded as the greatest of all time? How would the likes of Lebron, Kobe and Shaq compare?

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Ghent said:

    The ONLY hope that new BCR would be good is that Travis takes a huge role with it and works on the side with other people away from Tom.

    I wouldn't think Travis would put his name on something as lame as AVA sounding BCR.


    Travis just loves drumming, he'd probably drum over a load of recorded farts if given the chance. He's featured on some absolute garbage rap songs over the years, I'm sure he'd have no issue with doing some slightly AVA sounding BCR.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

    Unless I approve all 8 people, I'll be contacting the band to warn them about this video which contains a bunch of blink haters and bashers. Many of you don't deserve to be in the video, so don't start kissing butt now.


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  10. 8 minutes ago, Roux said:

    wtf? i never accused you of saying anything other than exactly what you wrote! 

    I couldn't give a shit what his name is, the player is phenomenal for 22yo. 

    Nobody can predict the future. Not even you.

    Of course, you've made your prediction and I've made mine, time will tell I guess.

    I said I think Neves gets overrated by people for that reason, still think he is a good player but not as good as some make out.

    I'm sure he will end up having a great career and will probably move to a bigger team either this summer or next.

  11. 5 hours ago, Roux said:

    He's only decent because he scores 1-2 bangers apparently!?

    I think he's the complete DM. I think the whole team flourishes as one unit - but he dictates everything, which is incredible for a 22yo. 

    They have a very similar style to the Leicester team that won the league. If they invest over summer and not lose key players they will be contenders for top 4 and maybe contenders for the league next season. Probably have to clarify on here that being a contender doesn't mean i think they will win the league.

    They won't contend the league, even if they get top 4 next year they will be at least 20-25 points off the winners. They could have a season like Leicester are this year at best, that isn't being title contenders. 

    I never said Neves wasn't a decent player, stop making things up - I just think he gets slightly overrated for the fact he bangs in a couple of screamers every year.

    If his name was Dave Smith you wouldn't give a toss about him.

  12. 5 hours ago, Roux said:


    Its laughable how he puts '2nd best DM in the whole league' 😂 like those 4 stats are the only important attributes. HA. 

    There's a reason why clubs have gone cold on him, even Southgate doesn't fancy him. 

    When i watch West Ham, teams are cutting through them like butter, and i think Rice, tactically seems very naive. I watched the Brighton, City and Leicester games and was just not surprised they are where they are. I don't watch every minute he plays liek you, but i've seen enough to formulate an opinion. He's obviously young enough to improve.  

    He wouldn't get in the team at United - McTominay and Fred are probably our 2 players of the season and he's simply not better than either than them right now. Even our backup Matic has been very good since coming into the team - i can't stand him but fair play to him. 

    If we want to get back to competing we can't be looking at players like Rice/Longstaff. All of Ole's signings so far have been excellent. 4 out of 4 are starters. 

    To be honest, I wasn't saying he is the second best DM in the league like that guy in the tweet, was more just showing some stats that show he is good at what he does.

    He does get overrun sometimes but a lot of that is down to how poor the rest of the team has been, he can't do everything on his own - he will get a big move soon and flourish as playing with better players consistently will make him look even better than he does already.

    Not sure how you know clubs have gone cold on him, are you a board member of all the top PL clubs? Also Southgate has gone cold on him too? He played 90 mins in the last England game and Southgate hasn't picked a squad for 4 months now so not sure how you have worked that one out...He didn't play a couple of games after one bad game against the Czech Republic but that's not exactly unusual for a young player and Southgate has also been pretty rotation happy during the qualifying campaign so I don't think you can look too much into that.

    I do also find it funny that you say you can't be looking at players like Rice if you want to get to the next level yet are happy with a midfield of Fred and McTominay? Fred has improved and McTominay looks a decent player but do you really think you can start competing for the PL and CL with them in your starting 11? Serious doubts on that for me...

  13. 8 hours ago, Roux said:

    Neves is 22. Fantastic footballer - who will move to a huge team very soon. He's the engine for Wolves, simple as that. 

    Meanwhile... nobody is more overrated than Rice, talk of him died quickly! He'll look incredible in the Championship no doubt though next season. Every fan in the world would pick Neves over Rice - he's better in every aspect. 

    Neves, Pogba, Fred, Fernandes diamond would be perfect.

    Rice is a shining light on our shitstain of a season, I watch him every week which I'm sure you don't and those stats are pretty impressive for a player who is meant to be massively overrated. He isn't meant to be a playmaker.

    If we do go down he will end up at one of the big teams in the league, no doubt about that. Tbh he probably will even if we stay up, wouldn't surprise me if ends up at Man United tbh. 100% improves your starting 11.


    3 hours ago, Roux said:

    In this current state - Wolves are not far off being real title contenders. They are fucking unreal, really impressed by them. If they can build over summer instead of lose quality they will be dark horses imo. United should go all out for Ruben Neves. 

    Says Henderson and Rice are average yet bangs on about Neves and Herrera. Caught up in the classic continental hysteria about 'cultured' European midfielders.

    Neves is a decent player but people cream their pants over him because he bangs in 1-2 screamers a season.

    Wolves are also absolutely miles off being title contenders even in the current state of the league, they're a very good side who can make a charge for the CL places potentially (tbh thats only really because the other usual contenders are so all over the place) but contesting with Liverpool and Man City? Come on...

  15. 9 hours ago, Russel Coight said:

    The scorpion boss fight nearly got me. It’s not gonna be an easy game. 

    @...Dan... you’re gonna love it

    Ah man, had mates telling me about the demo. Literally the first time I've been jealous of not being home since I went away haha.

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  16. 6 hours ago, Scott. said:

    Complete PR stunt 100% 

    Course it fucking is, wants fans to feel sorry for him so tries to get the press to paint him as a victim.

    We all know nothing is too low for The Sun as well so of course them and Neil Ashton are involved. You've even got his mate Neil Custis writing up bollocks defending Woodward now, do they honestly think people are this thick?

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