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  1. Hey my band Coasting put out an EP earlier this year, just wanted to share it with this forum. Feel free to check it out. Here’s the link to our bandcamp, but you can also find all our music on Spotify as well. Hope you guys like it. http://coastingband.bandcamp.com/album/big-whoop
  2. The riff kinda sucks but the rest of the song is pretty catchy Also the music video is cool, I enjoyed it
  3. Yeah I would also agree that it’s different from the rest of NINE. And I enjoy it a bunch. Especially the ending.
  4. I mean, you’re probably right. But I’m still just curious how their writing process is nowadays. We haven’t really gotten a look inside since they were recording the self titled album.
  5. Lol what the fuck. 7 songwriters? I wish I could be a fly on the wall in their studio and just see exactly how this process worked with them. I still enjoy the song but I really wanna know who actually wrote the lyrics, and I hope it’s Mark. “Don’t wanna hear a spokesman” - Goldfinger, ironically
  6. I thought this song was dope. The lyrics sound like mark really venting shit and I’ll take that over some song that’s 5 songwriters deep
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