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  1. Yeah I was really surprised too. I like some of their old stuff, most of the newer stuff is pretty boring. But this new record is great. Hope they reschedule their dates in Germany. Wanna see them live.
  2. The whole record is amazing. That’s how pop punk should sound like.
  3. @Ry-Bread one more thing. I would have really liked if you had asked follow up questions to David saying the band „stole“ the image for the tour. E.g. is he‘s going to sue them? I guess that was a strange topic to discuss and an answer you didn’t expect from him. So no criticism. Loved the pod. I‘m just curious what‘s going to happen.
  4. You don’t get it. Of course there are exceptions. But following this formula of shorter podcasts released more often makes perfectly sense. Believe it or not. If you are a famous podcast you can basically do whatever you want. It’s like being a famous band. You can record an album of shit songs which still sells like crazy.
  5. As someone who works in marketing and has done podcast for work in the past - it makes perfectly sense to have shorter episodes released more often compared to a longer one. You can advertise each episode individually trying to get more attention = more listeners. @Ry-Bread what you could do is give an outlook what’s going to happen in the next part of the interview as a cliffhanger.
  6. Great listen once again! It sucks that they (there management) didn’t pay David to use the artwork for the enema tour. Don’t understand something like that. They should have enough money...
  7. Really cool. Looking forward to listen to it.
  8. Name dropping. It gets a lot more attention with Travi$ drumming on it.
  9. Awesome stuff. Really liked the episode. Can’t wait for part 2.
  10. Crazy how his career is going. I saw him opening for Hoodie Allen two years ago and nobody knew who that guy was. Now he has a dong featuring Blink. Crazy. And yeah, it’s strange that Skiba isn’t there or performing in the song. Shows again that he is no real member of the band.
  11. I want to have every blink album as vinyl. Don’t really care for the pressing. Just to complete my collection. Which pressing would you suggest?
  12. Anyone has the Blink vinyl box with all releases until Neighborhood? Is it worth buying/are these good quality vinyls?
  13. Yeah! Normally they are pretty good with merch but this time really underachieving.
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