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  1. Osgod

    182 News Podcast

    Really cool. Looking forward to listen to it.
  2. Name dropping. It gets a lot more attention with Travi$ drumming on it.
  3. Osgod

    182 News Podcast

    Awesome stuff. Really liked the episode. Can’t wait for part 2.
  4. Crazy how his career is going. I saw him opening for Hoodie Allen two years ago and nobody knew who that guy was. Now he has a dong featuring Blink. Crazy. And yeah, it’s strange that Skiba isn’t there or performing in the song. Shows again that he is no real member of the band.
  5. You stopped being an asshole?
  6. I want to have every blink album as vinyl. Don’t really care for the pressing. Just to complete my collection. Which pressing would you suggest?
  7. Anyone has the Blink vinyl box with all releases until Neighborhood? Is it worth buying/are these good quality vinyls?
  8. Yeah! Normally they are pretty good with merch but this time really underachieving.
  9. I know!! But some people on this board don’t wanna see that.
  10. He said in the second post that he is not sure if touring the new album is even necessary. Touring new album = playing new songs.
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