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  1. How many people did already participate? Awesome stuff!
  2. Agree with what you said but it’s pretty easy for him what to choose. Blink because of the money. I can’t believe that he is having more fun doing blink compared to Trio. But the paychecks are a different thing. Can’t blame him for that. It’s understandable.
  3. It is pop punk but why arguing about shit like that is what I don’t get.
  4. Honestly, I consider myself a pretty big Tom fan but I haven’t heard some of those songs and after listening to them today I have to say that this era represents the absolute worst shit Tom has ever put out.
  5. You are loosing sleep over this, right? Call it whatever you want and fuck off you.
  6. Wtf. Why is this pedo still allowed to post here? He definitely has some issues. Who the fuck cares = Who cares if a band/song is labeled as pop punk or not. Putting a label on a song makes no sense. Does this MGK song have pop punk elements? Yeah. But important is if you like the song or not. Not so difficult, right...?
  7. Best two songs on the album left. Tough decision. Going with Tunnels
  8. Absolutely. Fun tune and the lyrics are too much. 😂
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