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  1. Can anyone post a working link to the Coachella show or PM me a link to download it? Thanks!
  2. So good. Feels like 2002 again! Blink is back!
  3. Just to compare. I went to Sum 41/Simple Plan this week. Standing ticket for ~ €/$ 55. They did more or less the same tour a few weeks ago in the US and Canada. Did anyone go? How was the pricing over there?
  4. Was it always like that in the US? That shit is crazy!
  5. Tickets for Cologne and Vienna! Maybe going to a third show. Let’s see. Can’t wait. Going to be awesome to see them live again after so many years.
  6. So awesome to hear them both on a song together again.
  7. Wasn‘t this Rogan guy trying to cure COVID with horse medicine...?
  8. Can someone send me a link please...:)
  9. Please dm me the link! Thanks
  10. So asking again: Who showed you that?
  11. Check out their older stuff as well (Knuckle Puck). A lot of really great songs.
  12. Listen to the new Knuckle Puck album 20/20. Pop punk perfection.
  13. They called It Blink for Marketing purpose. Write Blink on it and it sells 10x better. E.g. +44...
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