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  1. So good. Feels like 2002 again! Blink is back!
  2. Just to compare. I went to Sum 41/Simple Plan this week. Standing ticket for ~ €/$ 55. They did more or less the same tour a few weeks ago in the US and Canada. Did anyone go? How was the pricing over there?
  3. Was it always like that in the US? That shit is crazy!
  4. Tickets for Cologne and Vienna! Maybe going to a third show. Let’s see. Can’t wait. Going to be awesome to see them live again after so many years.
  5. So awesome to hear them both on a song together again.
  6. Wasn‘t this Rogan guy trying to cure COVID with horse medicine...?
  7. Can someone send me a link please...:)
  8. Please dm me the link! Thanks
  9. So asking again: Who showed you that?
  10. Check out their older stuff as well (Knuckle Puck). A lot of really great songs.
  11. Listen to the new Knuckle Puck album 20/20. Pop punk perfection.
  12. Assuming you are right with that it’s still a huge burden mentally. I can easily see that a divorce effects him from making music for quite some time. But as said before, the album should be released by now. Classic Tom/Blink behavior when it comes to announcements.
  13. Lol. A divorce takes up a lot of time and must be draining energy I suppose. Here there is a lot of money in play, kids,... Pretty easy to understand that his priorities weren’t with music but he still should have released the album by now
  14. So Blink is officially done with Matt I guess. Didn’t even get credit on the song anymore and this time it’s not a collaboration which was the excuse of the fanboys.
  15. It‘s argumentative when you say „awesome“ to everything a band releases no matter how bad it is!? Sure...
  16. Yeah that’s what I meant. But Ghent needs to like it because he likes everything Blink releases...
  17. Haha. Really sounds like Offspring. It’s a ok song. But really not Blink for me. They have lost their unique sound with Tom‘s departure.
  18. They called It Blink for Marketing purpose. Write Blink on it and it sells 10x better. E.g. +44...
  19. How many people did already participate? Awesome stuff!
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