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  1. Therefore he had to play overseas in the future. I´m pretty sure that won´t happen. Didn´t he always say that he wants to finish his career in Portugal whre it all started?
  2. I somehow like that there was only one BCR record. It´s such an amazing release and will always stand as one great record without a mediocre follow-up (could be possible). It would be cool if Tom releases the whole record again but this time 100% acoustic. That woul be a fan favourite for sure!
  3. Looks pretty good. Although I don´t think Blind is a good fit at this position. I know he can play it but there would have been better options for United.
  4. Didn´t he twitter about joining Real yesterday?
  5. Kagawa needs a lot of suppor from his coach to play good. He had that under Klopp and never really under the coaches at United. Is he worth more than 6m? Absolutely! But looking at his perfomance the past two years it is a fair deal. He wouldn´t have played anyway. Overall, the transfer market in the Premier League is just crazy. Average players are worth a fortune...e.g. never ever is Luke Shaw worth that much money.
  6. Never seen that before...lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dlI2HZlbmc#t=13
  7. I´m glad to hear some "Mark songs" before the recording process for the next Blink album starts. Tom is releasing music "all the time" and Mark is just sitting there remixing shit... So hopefully the record will sound similar to +44. BTW.: I don´t really like female vocals in rock music...I hope they keep it to a minimum or use it the right way (The original No it isn´t sounded great tbh)
  8. Beer for € 0,70 sounds nice...! Mhm, I don´t know. Salzburg is really struggeling at the moment. Their main and only important goal of the season was to make it to the Champions League. They already tried to qualify seven times and couldn´t make it again. They also lost in the national league today for the first time in ages... Looking at the results, Celtic is also doing pretty mediocre at the moment. What´s wrong with the team?
  9. You should come to the beautiful country of Austria instead! Should be a very competitive group with three eaqual opponents. I think Salzburg and Celtic will advance.
  10. Awesome thread! Thanks for posting!
  11. From the one song I´ve heared I´m not expecting anything from quality but I will give it a chance. +44 was great, so some similar songs and I will be satisfied.
  12. Thanks for posting! Nothing new but it seems that they get along a lot better recently. Hopefully they can save that spirit and start recording after AVA´s release. BTW.: Who is owning a restaurant!?
  13. Just watching the MCI - LIV game. Liverpool looked bad most of the night. Starting to wake up but it won´t be enough. What do you guys think about the Balotelli signing?
  14. Nah, that would suck! I always loved that Blink arn´t adding a second guitarist when they play live. Blink is Mark, Tom and Travis and it should stay that way!
  15. You delivered the answer in the same posting! I did what I could to watch that stream from outside of the UK. I´ve seen the same setlist a week ago live in Stuttgart but still - I HAD TO SEE IT TODAY We, the die-hard fans, will always listen to their records and watch their shows no matter what. Blink knows that and that´s why they are fucking with us. The causal fans won´t care about setlists, a new record and broken promises. Whenever I see such a great performance like this I always think about "What could be...". I´d like to lock them up in the studio for a month and the result would be EPIC!
  16. LVG needs time. It was also pretty bad at the beginning with Bayern and he turned it around after a few months! But United really needs new personal. Di Maria alone woun´t fix it. Defenders will be a must - defense was bad today.
  17. Absolutely true but it still sucks thst they are breaking their promises again and again. Tey arn´t hurting the "normal" fans, they are hurting the die-hard fans.
  18. Wow! Why do they do that again and again...but still great show! Won´t let this ruine that great show.
  19. True! The show was awesome but that really sucks.
  20. Just came back from the Stuttgart concert! First of all: Zebrahead sucks! Man, what a waste of time...I knew that they are awful but that was pretty shocking. Blink delivered a very good show! Usual settlist but I couldn´t care less. Just saw them for the second time ever and also the other people in the crowd were loving it. The guys on stage had a great time as well. Not a lot of banter going on but some funny jokes. Tom really tried to sound decent and made a pretty good job. His guitar playing was a bit sloppy but that´s also nothing new. Mark sounded "flat" as always and Travis spit on stage non-stop. Almost hit Mark and Tom several times...lol Really hope that they finally start recording after the AVA release. For the next tour they NEED new material - especially for the US-shows.
  21. True! I guarantee that no club would have turned down such an opportunity. I bet the Celtic fans would have "killed" the management if they decided to let Legia advance..
  22. No one cares for N&N and an US-tour would be pointless without any new material. So before we see Blink on the road again in the US there will be a new album! I couldn´t care less if they play the same GH-setlist or mix it up a little bit on this Europe-tour. I only saw them once 10 years ago so I´m very happy with any Blink.
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