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  1. this is a swedish song but I wanted to share it anyway. I always feel the urge to listen to this when spring comes. love it to pieces.
  2. I'm all right with 10 songs as long as they're good.
  3. It's quite funny to see all the green day criticism on here after all the years I spent on a GD forum where everyone was doing the same with blink.
  4. I don't see how playing shows with a couple of extra members is a bad thing?
  5. Edit: nvm. I might be ~blinded because I'm a fan but imo he looks very healthy these days.
  6. I don't get you guys at all, haha. I liked it immediately and it's still growing on me even more. It has been years and years since last time I was so into them. Really diggin this. To my surprise it's actuallly getting very good reviews in the newspapers over here as well.
  7. Is there anything specific you don't like about it, or just the general sound?
  8. Aw whaat, I love that show! Second season is even better imo. It's such a sweet balance between seriousness and exaggerated fun and I love how representative it is. Wish I had something like that in my own teenage years.
  9. The more I listen to this thing, the more I dig it. Really like how the songs are both quite feel-good-y and dark at the same time. Just feel that they nailed whatever they tried to do with it.
  10. Wow I'm soo positively surprised with the new record after all! Turned out real nice, this one. Proud of them fellas.
  11. I'm seeing them this week. Very excited!
  12. Solid song. «You go to class scared wondering where the best hiding spot would be» really hit. Also watched her documentary halfway through. Kind of feel like it's a lil bit rushed at times and I'd liked it more if it was more ~chronological, but it's still nice to hear her reflections and thougts about things. My respect for her is huge and I'm really glad she's around as an artist.
  13. Yeah that was pretty fun! But also a bit sad because I'd love it if GD's new stuff actually happened to be more like that.
  14. I'm really lookin forward to that one!
  15. Even though I've liked what I've heard from the new record so far, I'm still a bit disappointed because I expected really huge things when they decided to re-use the American Idiot album art. It'd be so cool if they had returned to that concept again in a way or another.
  16. I'm halfway through The King. Watching it because my lil bro said it was very good. But ngl, I think it's quite dull so I need to watch it in portions to be able to get through it.
  17. Woah. Top songs as in most played or as in «best» songs? Sad list either way.
  18. Aw shit, didn't know. Agree with you on that.
  19. Idk man, he's an artist, not a super model. As long as his physical state isn't holding him back from delivering music, I can't see why it should be a problem. Also, he's just a wee bit chubby; it's not like he's on the verge of dying or anything.
  20. I thought they sounded quite all right in the live videos I watched? Was positively surprised actually. Don't really care about how they look tbh.
  21. Woah, they're slayin'! Such a joy to see how well they're doing these days.
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