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  1. Well, you can’t possibly make it any shittier so have at it!
  2. It’s mostly a pain in the ass and miserable. I’d rather not do it lol
  3. Yeah my flight to Dallas for work, about a 6 hour drive, is usually a couple of hundred easy. I fly because work pays for it but I’d be driving if they didn’t.
  4. Not usually, no. Flights aren’t as cheap here as they are there.
  5. I stopped reading the book where the first movie left off so now I need to read the rest of it before the second part comes out.
  6. photos from the internet work the same way, by the way … personal photos need to be done by an image sharing site.
  7. @Ghent Dune part 2 trailer drops tomorrow.
  8. It took my old ass eyes a bit to work but I see Bored to Death … no clue how you see Down but I trust you on that. I can make out the last 7 but that’s it.
  9. Added a little more flavor to the chaos!
  10. @Fap God I made you a how to.
  11. Why are you so bad at gifs?
  12. Not only kicked out but all tattoos removed chemically.
  13. We need to take this old school with a new age touch, Coight. Let’s set up a zoom call, I wanna watch you play.
  14. Is the gameplay demo from a few weeks ago just intro area stuff?
  15. Stand strong, Thong. These people wouldn’t know a good show if it jumped up and gave them butt aids.
  16. Well, I’m that case, I’m gonna post Oliver’s address.
  17. I agree with Mark. Hell, 90 minutes is a long set, I’d go lower. People got shit to to do. I wanna be home and in bed for the 10 o’clock news.
  18. You could be my mom, I think I’d be into that.
  19. I’m amoral. I feel nothing.
  20. No it’s totally cool, doxx a completely different family living there!
  21. I can’t read any of that shit, y’all have fucking powers or something. Fucking Extra-X-Men.
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