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  1. 8 minutes ago, One Tree Hill Jan said:

    I’m going to be playing some madden with my nephew but if you’re still up when we’re done I’m down for some PGA tonight…

    I would but we are moving next weekend so this weekend is packing and cleaning. I’m probably gonna crash after we finish today. I’ll let you know when I get everything set up at the new house though.

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  2. 1 minute ago, allsystemsgo said:

    Ultimate guitar has gone downhill so bad. Intrusive adds and the basically brick wall you if you don't use their shitty app. Songsterr is what I use.

    I haven’t run into those issues, Songsterr is good too. All the tabs are just circulated around anyway. What’s on UG is on Songsterr, I’ve just been using UG since I was 16 so I’ve stuck with it. Case in point, I did a tab on UG in like 2005 or so and it’s made its way across several different sites.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Jared Goff said:

    lol. His Patreon has updated tabs and shit to go with lessons. I paid for a month when I was drunk one night then I realized I never practice or anything so I already cancelled it. Not to say I won’t pay again if I find the time. The most expensive subscription was only $10


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  4. 3 minutes ago, Midwest Wankers said:

    Alright here we go! That's three bozos on this hill.

    Stockholm Syndrome vs. One More Time (song)



    SS: Rhythm guitar power chords and minor chords.  Harmonics picking (difficult-ish).  Bridge with fast picking and signature Tom octave chords 

    OMT: Single acoustic strumming pattern



    SS: Vintage Mark all throughout all across the neck

    OMT: 4 notes, chorus



    SS: Top 5 Travis drum patterns all-time, difficult rhythm pattern and insane bridge high hat work

    OMT: Brushes



    SS: Best Jerry Finn work, possibly ever, mark screaming, bridge moody effects, unique arrangement and vocal trade offs, interchanging guitars, drums and bass.

    OMT: guitar, vocals, bass, drum brush


    Is it the outro bells??? I can't believe we're having this argument.


    I said Stockholm had a more complex arrangement, you dingbat.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Jared Goff said:

    I know you showed me, I’ve watched that video and still don’t understand lol. I play it differently but I know you’re playing it how he actually does

    In all fairness, I played it the exact same way as you do until I saw that video you posted where you didn’t think Tom was actually playing. It’s how I figured out what he was actually doing.

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  6. 24 minutes ago, Midwest Wankers said:

    Lol, I know this is not littleredguitars so it might be hard to follow but this is the only song I'm aware of where Tom uses any type of ghost harmonics (or whatever the fuck they are called) in a song, and the guitar rhythm is not as easy as it sounds to flow so well:

    He went into his whole bag for this song.  Probably top 5 guitar parts for Tom.  It's not hard either, but it's definitely more complex than Fell in Love or whatever you all were saying isn't any less complicated are you drunk? Drunk on a monday is alcoholism. 

    Dysentery Gary’s chorus is harmonics as well.

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