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  1. Just now, daveyjones said:

    it's the most beautiful instrument i've ever held. the action is like a dream. the neck, oh jesus the neck...

    this is the 4H three band EQ (four knob) model. if you search around the ernie ball forums you'll find the early to mid 90s music mans are particularly prized. by the 2000s they no longer used the same high quality pickup magnets, had reverted to a two band EQ (three knob), and had reduced the quality of the components in various way. for many MM fans, the early to mid 90s stingray is like what 59 is to a gibson les paul.

    once i dialed in the EQ it sounds exactly like cheshire cat and uranus.

    It looks like the neck is on the thinner side of things which I always preferred for bass. Congrats on your acquisition! How much did it set you back?

  2. 3 minutes ago, daveyjones said:

    i think it's less about skill than creativity and ambition. mark could learn to play a part like that, but he's too lazy to. and he'd certainly never think to write a part like that.

    as much as i love my old school blink, it's not very controversial to mention that they're pretty unimaginative songwriters, and have mostly almost have been.


  3. 3 minutes ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

    I wonder if Billie and Tre had to go to rehab because they couldn't accept the fact they were curtain jerkers!! That's pretty sad to hire a touring guitarist and then brag that you played/sang better than a drunk stoned Tom Delonge who doesn't try at all.

    I could be wrong but I don't think they give a shit what the Blink Board pedo has to say on the matter.

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  4. 37 minutes ago, Feeling_This_1 said:

    Green Day sound great live because they go out of their way to accomplish that goal. They include multiple extra musicians, so a 3 man punk group becomes double that amount. Their act is just as stale as blink, playing slow album speed, calling people motherfuckers, and wayyyy ohhhhh heyyyy ohhhhh makes me wanna shout! Wayy oooOOOooo ah ohhh.

    Would Green Day insult NOFX the way they did blink? Because blink basically did the NOFX thing for years, playing sloppy by design. They aren't trying to be the Beatles, half the songs are joke sex songs. 

    How many head injuries have you sustained?

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Diddy Faplord said:

    I don’t know if this has been discussed yet, but Mark recently confirmed that blink asked Green Day to do a Pop Disaster 2, and Green Day declined. Not surprised at all that GD didn’t want to do this with the current lineup. Funny that blink thought to even ask, IMO. 





    Green Day wouldn't want to do it even if it was the old line up. They hated Blink and the last Pop Disaster tour.

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