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  1. They don’t count Buddha. They themselves counted Neighborhoods as #6
  2. Ok not "no charisma" but there's a real large gap between he and other greats. A larger gap than any advantage he might hold in the ring. To be fair, Brett's prime was a little before my time
  3. Who is everyones GOAT? Jericho for me
  4. I'm Bobby. To be a Bobby is to be a coward. You see, I don't post videos of myself with sharpie all over my body or playing really shitty versions of blink songs so I'm a coward.
  5. Green. If someone orders pineapple I can eat it and enjoy it just fine, but I've never ordered it myself
  6. What exactly would you like to know about me that I haven't shared?
  7. He's trolling. It's a Trump tactic. Intentionally muddy the water, then you can go back and call everything a troll job
  8. Surely there is an article about this you can post
  9. I love you A couple days ago I made a post that it reminds me of George driving Susan’s parents to the Hamptons.
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