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  1. I love you A couple days ago I made a post that it reminds me of George driving Susan’s parents to the Hamptons.
  2. It’s hard to keep up with him tbh
  3. How come the sound is so much better there than it his ultimate end all better than matt performance? Couldnt have been hiding his shit play could he?
  4. Was there ever any question he would chalk it up as a win?
  5. You’re the most arrogant person I’ve ever interacted with. By far.
  6. Jan with the RKO out of nowhere
  7. Hey that happened! Not Oliver’s fault that nobody wanted to talk to Zombie Ramone
  8. There are so many appropriate gifs I want to post
  9. I caught about 45 seconds of the video at work to get a sense of it. Was going to try and give it a few minutes more when I got home from work and wouldn’t you know it the coward deleted the video and locked the thread. 45 seconds was plenty of time to form a review though. First off, are you joking? The hell did you think you could accomplish with that sound quality? A real musician would be absolutely embarrassed. I think you were playing Untitled? I couldn’t even tell. But I did get to see you bring your face uncomfortably close to the camera and my word, I’m sorry man, but you creep me out. There’s no soul behind your eyes or something. And I don’t know, you kind of look like a pedophile that thinks he could trick everyone by shaving his mustache. It’s great that you have no shame and can do stuff like this. I often wish I had less shame. But you know, sometimes shame is a good thing. That’s my take on 45 seconds.
  10. Yup, it’s terrible. I log on and there are no levels made. I’m the only one who plays it. I’m lonely as hell there.
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