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  1. 2 minutes ago, Speedo said:

    The Simpsons hasn't been particularly good for a long time now. I used to love it but I've been burned too many times and don't bother watching it anymore. The movie was pretty good though.

    Yeah, pretty much 20-22 years it's not been what it was. Now just relies on shoe-horning guest appearances, Homer beign a carbon copy of Peter Griffin and satire that's just way wide of the mark. Seasons 1-12 are a goldmine.

    Yeah, they could've gone out with a bang with the movie. Spider pig, Bart's dick - it had it all man

  2. How important is The Simpsons to people here? That shit is written on my soul. It taught me more about pop culture, satire and family than nearly anything else back in the day,

    Obviously its best days are behind it and it really needs to be put out of its misery. However, I googled some of the best post season 12 episodes. Holy shit, one from a few years back. It pretty much follows the premise of 'Boyhood' with Bart. It explores his strained relationship with his Dad and his one with his Grandpa. Bought a fucking tear to my eye, had that old magic. What a show



    download (1).jpg

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  3. I'm reading the Bhagavad Gita, a holy text in Hinduism .

    I feel like my stance on religion/spirituality is changing. I was a solid atheist. However, I see the same patterns and messages in all the kinds of philosophy/works I read. I know what myth can do for people in terms of uniting/dividing communities or engineering some inner transformation in an single person. I feel like their specific metaphors, tales, incarnations are all trying to point in the same direction. That direction is helping me deal with my emotions and life and people in a better way.

    To understand the Gita, I'm reading Ram Dass's guide on it at the same time. The guy is a fucking treasure


  4. Shit. I would never slate FSG because of what they’ve done for the club, but I was getting frustrated at this frugal net spend thing.

    Rest assured all Liverpool fans have been shut up in one day. It’s unreal to get, in Thiago,  a player who’s actually at the top of their game immediately, rather than wait two seasons for them to develop - which seemed to be the normal FSG model. 

    Jota adds depth to that front 3 and is a better player than Sarr. So I’m happy with this window now. Looked fucking dire two days ago 

  5. On 9/10/2020 at 6:15 PM, Speedo said:

    The prettiest ones usually are!

    I''m late to this but stop it you, I'm blushing!

    It's fucking class that Mark watched the Making of doc. His reaction to Tom's 'splurged on my lips' comment was almost identical to his laugh 17 years ago. Fucking chemistry people, it can't be stopped

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Depf said:

    nah don't bait me with pizza if you dont deliver.

    i was talking about your idea where/how to keep the student atholetes well fed and happy.

    Re: blink w/Travis being imaginary: who knows what these fuckers do with holograms and AI. Until i see him give blood i am free to speculate.


    Philly, you look different. I crawled under a rock after you schooled me with your wicked rhymes

  7. 33 minutes ago, thongrider said:

    The most annoying part is the deluxe edition versus actual album thing. 

    Yeah - tbf I completely forgot about that - leaving off Even If She Falls and HAG interlude is criminal - then adding in Snake Charmer on the deluxe? Filling it with more duds man, strange

  8. 1 hour ago, Russel Coight said:

    I know there’s always been a fair assumption that Tom didn’t do much on those songs but now that we’ve got confirmation I’m genuinely curious what people’s opinions are on this, especially the people who have openly complained and criticised skiba-blink for having songs Matt has little to no involvement on. Does Tom having little to no involvement change your opinion of these songs? Do you still consider them “blink” songs if it wasn’t all three working on it? 

    I assumed that too, and it bothered me yes. To me that’s a sign of  band in dysfunction /disunity - come to expect it of Neighborhoods era blink. I didn’t expect it to be happening with current blink , that was my concern 

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  9. 6 hours ago, Depf said:

    is there a tl dr version of your beef on youtube or the kiwi farms? fairly new here.

    is this like nas vs jay z?

    who ethered whom and why?

    Can we get a beef like this, Philly? Old Skool tho, Tupac and Biggie

    That's why I fucked your bitch.... you fat motherfuckerrrr

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  10. 5 hours ago, Speedo said:


    No wonder they recorded this song like 3 different times, fucking banggggs

    4 hours ago, daveyjones said:

    REM is my favorite american rock band of all time. i've heard everything they've ever done, own everything they've ever done.

    ah - that’ll be a yes then. Do you have any Michael Stipe stories ?

  11. BCR is the best blink side project, Tom at his creative peak and informed untitled massively. Travis’s drumming is amazing. Features from Tim Armstrong and Mr Hoppus, unreal.

    Tough, because +44 has some of the best Mark lyrics going

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  12. 6 hours ago, Q182 said:

    Seriously! Twelve Steps... is also fantastic, has my favorite BA track on it (Stillwater, California)

    What a song, good choice sir. I love Ghostrwite...Minus was also the first BA song I ever heard.

    What Tats do you have @Speedo ? This will be my first

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