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  1. Nice little song. Adrenaline still my fave. Simple Creatures is way to good to be just a side project. The combo of those two dudes is way better at what blink is attempting to sound like with BIOMY
  2. i really think one of tom's main issue with his ambition is that he is used to fame and has great income and a lot of support. if a Thing like Poet anderson or strange times was a Thing he has to pull of he would push through the hard times. but his wallet can cope with jumping from idea to idea so he gets Nothing done...
  3. still waiting for that Poet anderson feature film..... everbody knows These Things never come to life. TTS had the strange times album on their Website due Q4 2018... now completely scrapped i think the Poet anderson Universe was a great idea and would've made a nice franchise but he half assed it so quickly and now it's burried. like everything he starts. It's very frustrating to see, but to be honest, if i had the money and the amount of die hard fans, I'd probably act similiar
  4. i heard them Play up all night and bored to death on SRF 3 ( the Main Pop Radio station in switzerland)... where did you hear BIOMY?
  5. Thank god they got rid of tom. All those delays for new albums were terrible. On a more serious note, i find it interesting that they try harder this time. I have no idea what they end up releasing. I hope they have someone to tell them "okay that's enough. let's perfect these songs and save new material for a new album" or people might lose interest if it takes to long. How big are the chances they're going to pick a one year old song when they wrote twenty new ones in the last couple months?
  6. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    Thats a great song. But damn, that performance is super lame
  7. It happens very often. A lot of touring musicians have a hard time coming back from touring. Totally possible that mark was going through the same. Glad to hear your grandpa broke out of it
  8. A lot of retired people actually get depression because they don't have the schedule they used to have and feel useless and not needed. Of course there are also different reasons to get a depression because its a very complex disease. But having nothing to do is one of the main reasons for people to break
  9. It's one of the main reasons people get depressed. You have too much time on your hands to overthink Things
  10. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    Super entertaining performance
  11. Don't pressure us, anxiety...

  12. I'd build you an empire

  13. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    thanks for clarifying. that's bad sales indeed. i think without lil wayne there would be even less tickets sold
  14. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    i'm happy to inform you that there are loads of active rappers and other artist around ( no matter the skin Color). i have no Problem with them touring with lil wayne, it just seems like an odd combo. i wasn't a blink fan back when blink toured with Cypress hill, but that seems like a wierd combo as well still waiting for you to find something i complained about that they fixed with this tour?
  15. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    wait, are the blue seats the ones still available? yeah that comment is fucking stupid though
  16. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    what did i complain about that they fixed?
  17. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    lol this was SO NOT the initial idea for the tour..... a last minute change of plans to hopefully sell more tickets. what a joke just that fucking line " Enema of the state played in itsentirety. Plus all the hits" i thought mark didn't want to be a nostalgia act relying on old material?
  18. @ghent claiming that people that dislike the tour line-up are solely doing that because of the fact that lil wayne is black, is the most racist post about the whole subject. I'd love for blink to tour with kanye, kendrick or bloc party. Making disliking lil wayne a question of race is so fucking dumb, and racist as fuck. . Fuck off ghent
  19. Neal

    Rebel Girl vs BIOMY

    Rebel girl by a mile
  20. yeah i know what you mean. it's very difficult to tell from a far. but it all seems so hollywood-ish...... and people complain that billie eilish is an industry plant? california is in every regard the bigger industry plant than "when we fall asleep where do we go"
  21. unfurtonatly it isn't mark or matt writing a song an a guitar and then bringing it to the band anymore. they just build songs brick by brick with various people. i have nothing against that aproach. works great with a lot of artists. but not with this one, at least for me
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