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  1. yeah i know what you mean. it's very difficult to tell from a far. but it all seems so hollywood-ish...... and people complain that billie eilish is an industry plant? california is in every regard the bigger industry plant than "when we fall asleep where do we go"
  2. unfurtonatly it isn't mark or matt writing a song an a guitar and then bringing it to the band anymore. they just build songs brick by brick with various people. i have nothing against that aproach. works great with a lot of artists. but not with this one, at least for me
  3. here's my newest fanfic: Feldmann is butthurt like shit he didn't got to produce the whole new record. he didn't even mention the BIOMY release once, correct me if I'm wrong? i know he didn't produce it, but if he and the guys are so *best buds* as they wanted us to believe they were, at least a shout out would've been the nice thing to do and would have benefited both parties promotionswise. Heck even tom mentioned it Quite petty if you ask me?
  4. featuring 89 bonus tracks of mark screaming : " Yeaaah, blink-182"
  5. oh look, another production expert on blink-182online
  6. Untitled has got to be one of the finest produced rock albums of that decade. you can like the songs or not, but the production is remarkable and so unique.
  7. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    how the hell are they going to pull BIOMY off Live ? it's going to be a trainwreck. that's the downside of writing a record on your ghostwriters couch rather than with your instruments in a rehearsal studio....
  8. so they're actual promo pic at the time is about 5 years old? why? damn this "band" is so wierd. still hyped for new music though!
  9. Your post is from 2014?
  10. WTF i thought that was a new photto?
  11. Same. the novelty wore of and I haven't listened to them at all after release week. Adrinaline came on today and I still love that song though. Excited for more
  12. my opinion, exactly if you swap blink with ava
  13. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    I'd love kaleidoscope to have it's live premiere. But not with skiba.
  14. No. But You didnt quote my entire post, which further proves my point
  15. In fact they are not. Money hasn't real value. Its paper and digits stored on computers. Money only exists as long as the majority of people believe that it has value. Capitalism only exists as long as we believe in a brighter future.
  16. Nice interview. I dont get your complaints @Ghent. Just because the majority of todays population believes in humanism and capitalism doesnt make it anymore legit than any other belief. If tom feels more at home in the UFO community then thats his decision. Perfectly normal behaviour in my books. The fact that his fame from blink gives him more leverage is true, i agree. But just because he wrote songs that made people admire him doesnt mean he gave up on his right to believe in whatever he wants and pursue it. In all politic discussions you always speak from a liberal humanistic point of view, but as soon as it comes to tom delonge, you put all your beliefs aside and he suddenly has some bigger kind of responsibility towards people? Obsessed much? You constantly judge delonge on way higher moral standards than any other human. Whats up with that?
  17. There's no way the album comes out before july. why are all the blink guys so terrible when anouncing stuff about their music? 😅 just say, you don't know yet since the album is not finished and sequenced.
  18. Neal

    2019 Tour Thread

    they did a couple of major tours across the US with matt but they never managed to film anything ? Haha you can see tom a couple of times in the background. i wonder who got paid to do this, LOL
  19. Maybe ilan wouldve played bass/synth? Or the were going for different tour dates and ilan was busy in another band? Anyway.. both are great drummers to watch live
  20. Fucking love the Energy in this! loved that tour!
  21. The two EP's are great. But i also prefer ..Of Nightmares. I'm known for bein a blink geek in my band, and i always share the new shit with them. One of my best friends isn't really obsessed with blink and ava but likes a lot of their stuff. He loves the dreamwalker though. I showed him rebel girl the other day and he didn't really like it that much, but was amazed about how how recognisable toms songwriting still is in every regard, and he admires that quality of him. Nobody can truly copy his style regardless if you like what he does or not, he has a distinct sound and you immediately know if he is involved
  22. because he claims other people of being racist for disliking a rapper that happens to be black. he constantly has to make things about race and i don't see a need for that on here i know he thinks he's edgy by throwing hatred towards jews and constantly bringing race up, but it's more embarassing than anything, really
  23. i'd like you to stop the racial profiling and keep this about music, please. I don't think this is the right place for you to let out your subconscious racism
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