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    Billie Eilish

    really lover her album musically. but the forced emo crap and her crazy dancing are annoying
  2. I hope this comes out soon! My 14 year old nephew is bored at school and really needs some advice on how to have a good time . Meeting his friends at the Target curb won't cut it much longer
  3. Damn i was excited for new tom music, but seeing ghent's view on the whole blink situation crumble as well is hilarious. So many contradictions, you cant make that stuff up
  4. o so you see the irony in your posts? Great. Thats all i wanted
  5. So do you want to blame tom for collaborating with aaron rubin on songs or do you want to criticize him for not wanting to collaborate with people? You gotta choose
  6. Scandalous!! A man is dedicating his time to his job as a musician to earn money. Disgusting!!
  7. Someone please get you and tom in a room to sort things out. We all know tom didnt want to do blink anymore and its stressing you the fuck out. You need closure. Let it go Let it go
  8. apparantly ghent has a floorplan of tom's Apartment so he knows he is sleeping on a couch?
  9. I'm 100% certain that aaron and ilan cost a lot of money to be a part of it. There won't be much money surplus, ava is A tiny band compared to blink. If it all goes well they all get their sallary and maybe 10k extra... Also rise records is now envolved so they get a big cut And if they do much better, then good for them. They created something people love and want to spend money on.... Jeez some of these conspiracies about tom on here are crazier than tom's shittalk about werewolves. You overestimate the guy by a lot when it comes to the business side of things
  10. TTS might be failing. Still don't see how that's relevant for AVA. Looks to me like tom really misses music after the last couple tough years without it. So he chooses to go back to a place he feels comfortable an respected. I dont think tom has this big evil plan to enrichen himself.
  11. If fans would be happy to meet me for 200$ i would do the same If tom's drive would be money he wouldnt have quit music in the first place. Its the only thing he really knows how to do
  12. Why is the WHY so important when Ava does music, but if blink is hiring feldman/chainsmoker/pharell/whatsoever you guys scream " i don't care about anything but the music?" The cash surely is a good bonus for tom, but he never made career choices based on revenue. If he did he would still be in blink and ava never happend Also the break up with his wife surely is a big motivation to put himself up on a stage and being admired by fans
  13. tom looks totally fine in the trailer / recent pictures. i have absolutely no clue what ghent is talking about, lol Song grew on me too. Nice little pop number, not more, not less.
  14. dude, do you think there will be any casual ava fans at those shows? it's gonna be a tombot festival beyond your wildest imaginations! you should go as well and settle for a meet and greet. might give you the chance to patch Things up with tom and you can stop obsessing about him not wanting to do blink anymore
  15. I'll try to get tickets to seattle as well so we could meet up @Reg?
  16. So apparently it should work without a problem if you order tickets on soundrink
  17. well i just saved a lot of money, lol Edit: hmm it says all sales to this event.... might be the rule for general sale as well. I'm glad that ticketsellers are trying to stop scalpting, but there must be a way that does't exclude people that really want to go
  18. I've never been to the US and I'm seriously considering flying over in september and combine it with a AvA show. You never know with Tom. It might be the last chance to see him Live
  19. Matt played bass and synth as well as backing vocals on rebel girl. Cool! I think the venues are 1500 tops?
  20. Really considering going to a show... Really curious about the setlist. Small venues full of people that love the same wierdo tom delonge? Count me in. Also watchin ilan play drums is always a blast, energy will be high!
  21. Shame on me!!! You can even see the vocal booth on the surveillance screen. Sorry
  22. the microphone on a phone is placed on the bottom of the device.
  23. Umm i was kidding?! The vocals in that clip clearly come from the chainsmokers guy sitting on the couch, not the recording.. Tha fuck's wrong with you people?
  24. The best thing is if tom would release another Heavily Ilan influenced track today to generate interest to both camps in his fanbase. If the whole record is this dull, I'll still listen the shit out of it, but I'd be very disapointed. Blink already made steps backwards. No need for tom to do the same
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