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  1. I'd suggest to just to keep on trying. even if you'll produce a lot of takes that are rubbish, you'll get used to record yourself. Maybe try to record a cover of an easy song you love to get started?
  2. needs a guitar tuning first of all. did oliver engineer on this?
  3. A soon as corona is over, i'll have snacks and beer ready for everyone so we can share the love
  4. My ears are bleeding
  5. Building the wall panels: I built these to last and being able to move them if i have to move into an other space in the future. The pictures explain the process i guess. i used the floorliner that i used to cover the floor while painting as the fabric on the back and the same foil as with the basstraps for the front. Fabric will also be applied once the studio is clean. As for now i have two basstraps and 3 Wall Broadbandabsorption panels built. I ended up using more laths for the basstraps than i planned so i don't have enough for the two basstraps in the back. home depot is closed until at least may so those will have to wait. I might go back tonight and build the last wallpanel and maybe get started on the ceiling cloud.
  6. Building the Basstraps: Yesterday i started building the basstraps. Building the wood construction was a lot harder than i thought. i would not recommend doing this alone since it was super anoying holding the wood in place and putting the screws in. I then put some painters foil on the back and started filling the thing with rockwool. the dimension is exactly one board cut diagonally, so it was quite easy and fun. After that i put the same foil on the front and the top. I'll put a nice fabric over all the absorbers once I'm done and the room is cleaned. The painter foil is just to make sure no particles of the rockwool float through the air so nobody's going to breathe them in. I wore gloves and a breathing mask during this process.
  7. Yeah i want to be able to record and mix in it. mostly for my own music, but last year i also started recording other bands so i'm really trying to get the room sound as good as possible with a as flat as possible frequency response I'm also documenting the process with audio measurement and will post the results as i get to it
  8. after that, me and my girlfriend painted the walls. One coat of white paint, and then a coat of two different green-ish tones. Luckily after drying out, the colour completely covered any stains from the glue
  9. I planned on doing the majority of the work next weekend with the help from a couple friends, my girlfriend and my dad, but since the corona-issue got much more serious they all had to cancel. On the plus side i have much more time myself to do the build so i will work by myself on the evenings and with my girlfriend on the weekend. So the first step was to remove all the acoustic foam on the walls so we could colour them. They used som wierd superglue to mount them which was almost impossible to remove so we had to sand of every bit of it which took about 5 hours
  10. Here is what i plan to do: - Remove all the foam on the walls and ceiling - remove the little riser - colour the walls - Build and mount acoustic treatments on walls and ceiling - mount a curtain to seperate the little entrance area - cable management the grey shapes are the absorption pannels and basstraps that i planned I went to the swiss equivalent of homedepot last saturday which was very lucky. All the stores are closed now due to coronavirus so i got all my stuff just in time. I basically got loads of rockwool, loads of wood, colour for the walls and a couple small stuff and tools i might need.
  11. Okay, chances are high nobody cares about this, but I'm bored so this might be fun. So I've been told to leave my old rehearsal space that i was in the last 4 years about two months ago. Kind of a bummer, but I also dig the Idea of creating a new space for myself. the last room was my old bands rehearsal space. since the other two guys don't live in the same city anymore, it was basically mine for the last year. So I searched around and was very lucky to find a new room as quick as i did. It's not ideal since i would've loved a room with daylight, but there is nothing affordable around and probably never will be. This is how the room was given to me: note: The drums and stands are not mine, the old owner is picking them up the next few days. I am going to update this thread as i proceed
  12. lycanthrope getting voted out this early upsets me. that song is such a great opener imo. this whole election made me revisit this album and it's not even close as good as i remembered. Lyrics are great for the most part, but melody wise it's all over the place
  13. No it isn't. Demo version was so much cooler
  14. and atletico's keeper was on top of his game..... i'm no liverpool supporter, but they were the better team NQAT. but that's football, i guess real is going to get demolished next week though. worst real team since i can remember
  15. How the hell did liverpool not win that?
  16. i think it's a great song, great chorus and my favorite part of the whole record is probably the breakdown with the low octave " and we'll both take our revenge" those verses though..... yikes. a lot of songs on this record are ruined by the verse vocals for me..... Lycanthrope should win this imo. such a great song through and through.
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