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  1. Meh. Its a 6/10 movie for me. I loved BB but i found myself looking at my phone way too often while watching this
  2. I hope he’s THE Joker. But couldnt “him” be him the joker we know? And phoenix being a guy that influenced him? So “him” not being bruce wayne.
  3. Its easy to view it as just a joker movie. I was at a dinner party tonight and some people had seen it and thought it was okay or good. Then i started talking about these theories and then people were like oooh wow yeah that sounds right. Sounds awesome. and we had like an hour discussion about it and they all wanted to see it again.
  4. Mine is maybe Wolf of wall street. I think. Maybe.
  5. All the theories about the movie is a rabbit hole! 😩
  6. the joker is fucking with my head...
  7. I’ve been reading theories about the Joker movie and its making it even better. So many things unanswered and weird, frankly.
  8. Just saw it. I freakin loved it. No CGI filled crap and Phoenix is amazing as Joker. Theres less violence than i expected and its mostly about Jokers craziness. Even the music score was cool. It didnt feel like i was watching a comic book movie. Highly recommend it.
  9. Seeing it in an hour. Will report back.
  10. Reg

    Nine Criticisms.

    Nine is an avarage album. I dont LOVE any of the songs but i was cleaning the apartment and i blasted it. I had a good time!
  11. Reg

    2019 Tour Thread

    The person who tuned their vocals probably worked overtime.
  12. I love the smiley face and i like the nine art neon vibes! Pink ftw! and know what. Nine is not perfect, at all, but its blink in 2019, without Tom, guys almost 50, its a good album for what it is and i love it. Mark could be producing low key indie bands, travis playing drums with rappers and Tom being Tom. Its a good situation we have!
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