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  1. Ah. This explains why theres no release date then. Its not 100% done and turned in.
  2. Was gonna say obvious too! Probably my favorite blink song. That second part of the song just slaps.
  3. Sure. But put a bow on a turd its still a turd. Shit in shit out.
  4. Yep. You can get the perfect take or what ever using a DI and a software. Then run the guitar recording on a whole song back to an amp and find a good tone, good mics and placement and get a good sound. You can do a lot of cool stuff, crank the spring reverb up and reamp a snare or a vocal for an example.
  5. Yeah, nothing against the softwares, just the unlimited possibilities with other stuff. Considering their experience with sounds after all the untitled experimentation, they probably have a lot of knowledge on recording. I'd imagine a photo of an cab with an amp with a few mics on it. Well agree with its all about the end product. If it sounds good then great. Not loving the idea of the album of sounding like MGK though.
  6. True. I just find it amazing being in a band with basically unlimited budget, mixing console more expensive then my house, could have any amps and mics in the world. And decide to use preset on a 199$ plugin. I've tried a lot of these plugins and nothing compares to amps (kemper is pretty sweet though)
  7. Well ofc we dont know how they're using these sounds. Could be layered with real amps, other kemper sounds, or just as is. But i dont think these presets are any special and not blink league at all. Think Finn would click on Soldano Sm57 preset in a plugin?
  8. Interesting.... Sounds kind of shitty.
  9. Guess this is not uncommon. Comparing to lewis capaldi, he's been hyping up his may release for months, finished his world tour yesterday and album comes out tomorrow. Maybe a strategy to stay relevant and hype. i dont mind the october release, but getting like half the album as singles i hate.
  10. My friend works for Sony. He says its standard for albums to be given three months until release. Of course that differs. But its very common. So we could be looking at August? just speculations
  11. Yeah the song could come out in july. Just means that a song (album?) has been uploaded on Spotify and has a release date.
  12. For sure. He was sitting in a chair, hooked up
  13. Yeah his story said “one cancer treatment please”. He deleted it.
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