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  1. i knew i’d heard that beat somewhere! I’ve downloded it from splice.com https://streamable.com/8om4ya
  2. wow... i dislike this so much. Sounds like a typical 2020 pop radio song, with beats you download online (splice.com) - if thats the new blink... im out
  3. Yup. I was hooked on the 4th episode of UC. Season 2 is promising. Digging the first 2 ep.
  4. Hey matt, toms back and we dont need you anymore. Would you wanna hang around and play the extra guitars? We probably wont play any songs post neighborhoods and you wouldnt be a member but you sure are a fungai! Deal?
  5. Yeeeaaaaa i think Matt would stick with Alkaline trio if that would be the case
  6. My thoughts exactly. Maybe he doesnt want another guitarist coming up with ideas for “his band”. Might cause a toxic environment, and its not like blink doesnt have enough of that already
  7. Thank you! Awesome to hear 😛
  8. Man i miss when Mark is answering a question and Tom chimes in with a bad joke or vice versa. These interviews seem like they are bored and want to finish it asap
  9. That hit me hard bro
  10. Tom has been my idol since i was like 7. I will always be excited for his music and have rose colored glasses the first few listens for sure. But with time, a lot of songs dont have the staying power. for me, Tom has always been a better songwriter than Mark. Today also. He writes what he wants, pushes his sound when he thinks its getting samey. Not all albums/songs are great. Mark tries to write what people want to hear and think Blink is. I hate that. He’s so much better when he pushes himself.
  11. Maybe matt wants out and tom cant join full time so mark and travis will just continue without both of them. They see they could write a blink song without matt or tom, released it and is pretty well recieved. I mean, they continued when Tom left/was fired. i would have never expected that. I reeeeeeaaally hope they dont though. I dont want blink to be a collab project with Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga songwriters. I hope they find some one else and start a new band. Justin Pierre? Jim Atkins?
  12. I believe this as well. Would surprise me if he’s still in tbh. Not included in so many things.
  13. They... sunk lower?
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