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  1. when tom was on stage at Reading festival, turning a knob on a synth, basically doing nothing, is not a good memory.
  2. Google also says they have 7 studio albums. Ha!
  3. Expected more of a mashup. Tom coming in singing or something. Its aight though!
  4. It ok i guess. Just 1975 Chocolate with dumpweed lyrics.
  5. Same. I like it. Good spin on superhero stuff. Like the gore.
  6. Reg

    2019 Tour Thread

    If i see Mark i’ll pin him down and tell him how new blink sucks and he has to go to the studio and write untitled part 2!! I will make him and he will listen and he will do it. I have amazing convincing powers, the best on this board. You’ll see! When untitled part 2 comes out you’ll thank me and make me king of the boards! None of you would have the balls to do this, but i have the biggest balls so i will do it! Thank me later. Get ready for a better blink and a better world!!
  7. Reg

    2019 Tour Thread

    Yeah. Going to a hotel you once loved, but they changed the style and redecorated and you’re gonna complain
  8. Or a year. Fuck 1975 and 1989 (Tay is Queen though).
  9. Check out Róróró, Vulture Vulture, Wars, Under a Dome and Soothsayer
  10. You’re probably right. Its a tom heavy album at least.
  11. Hopper jumped in the hole and is in the upside down.
  12. Just listened to untitled. Man thats some good songwriting. Its a different band.
  13. Funny how tom wants to write songs is the same way mark says how he likes to write songs now also. Hmmm.
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