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  1. Not a fan of the chorus lyrics but i like it! Love the fuzz guitar, its freaking cool.
  2. Talking about dial up and house phones. Had to double check what thread this is.
  3. I expect nothing spectacular.
  4. Nah. Its the TOYPAJ ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2021 announcement!
  5. Muah! Theres a rock/alt station thats playing them a lot But I once sent Travis a message on snapchat and asked if they’ll play here and he answered “Yes!” Then i asked Mark on his live chat the other day and he also said “yes definitely” So yay!
  6. And i have to admit. The song has grown on me a lot. Its not the blink that i want and IMO they have done so much better. But its a song i enjoy.
  7. This will make Ghent happy but its been on the radio a lot in iceland. And i never heard anything from Neighborhoods or California.
  8. Unlikely. But, they said def a june release, released the song, got hate, rebranded the tour and pushed back the album. Hmmm. Maybe the album just took longer to complete and it didnt make sense to promote the tour with it. And its not selling well so the enema move was needed to boost sales.
  9. Yeah i have confirmation that the of monsters men album has been fully ready for about a month. Mixed, mastered etc. Blink arent even finished mixing. I think august-september for release.
  10. I think he just left because AVA wasnt a full time thing anymore. He wanted to tour and release more music.
  11. looks like Tom had too little money to execute his grand movie idea, then gave the control to a guy who had no resources and did the best he could out of a shit situation. Doomed from the beginning.
  12. Reg

    2019 Tour Thread

    Welcome back. I missed you.
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