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  1. The girls were voted through the finals!! So happy right now
  2. Reg


    Helicopter crash in Calabasas. Rest in piece legend.
  3. Huh! Maybe! The girls are competing february 8th and matti the 15th. Its an national text vote system. I’ll throw in the number here and we’ll see if it works! 😂 I KNOW!! 🤩
  4. Thanks!! Hope to compete in the finale in Rotterdam but doubt it 😂
  5. 2 of my songs are competing in eurovision in iceland, fighting for a spot in the big finale in Rotterdam.
  6. On season 5 of game of thrones. I’ve never watched. I tried 3 times and always gave up, i made it through the first season and now its one of the best shows i’ve seen. Man im glad i can binge watch all seasons!
  7. HATers gonna HAT, amirite!? #nailedit #hats
  8. Meh. Its a 6/10 movie for me. I loved BB but i found myself looking at my phone way too often while watching this
  9. I hope he’s THE Joker. But couldnt “him” be him the joker we know? And phoenix being a guy that influenced him? So “him” not being bruce wayne.
  10. Its easy to view it as just a joker movie. I was at a dinner party tonight and some people had seen it and thought it was okay or good. Then i started talking about these theories and then people were like oooh wow yeah that sounds right. Sounds awesome. and we had like an hour discussion about it and they all wanted to see it again.
  11. Mine is maybe Wolf of wall street. I think. Maybe.
  12. All the theories about the movie is a rabbit hole! 😩
  13. the joker is fucking with my head...
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